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We Review: Kirby’s Adventure Wii (Wii U Virtual Console)

Kirby is one of the stalwarts that has been a part of the Nintendo family for almost 25 years. In 2010, we saw the release of Kirby’s Adventure Wii, and it was fairly well received. I get a chance to review the Virtual Console version of the game for the Wii U and test the Wii Virtual Console in the process.

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We Review: SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge

Every now and again, a game comes along defies the genres. A game so mighty and amazing that you wonder where it has been all your life. A game, though based on either a film or a TV series, is so brilliant, so wonderful, so totally mindbendingly stunning, that you wonder what kind of magic brain-boosting coffee the developers were drinking. A game that is so funny it reduces you to tears. So emotional that it leaves you a gibbering wreck on the floor, controller in hand. Plankton’s Robotic Revenge is not that game. However, it does feature Spongebob SquarePants, so there’s that. Are you ready kids? I can’t HEAR you!

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We Review: Project Zero 2 Wii Edition

The Wii has mostly been seen as a console for kids or casual gamers, and not really friendly to hardcore gamers. Disproving this view is a Wii remake of a PS2 horror game: Project Zero 2 (called Fatal Frame 2 on the PS2). I braved the chills and scares of this haunting game to bring you this review.

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We Review: Pandora’s Tower

It seems to my mind that there are fewer decent RPGs in the console world than there used to be, but a new Wii game, Pandora’s Tower, could be challenging that. Is there still life in both the Wii and the RPG genre? I traipsed around the Towers to find out.

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We Review: PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond

The Pokémon franchise is perhaps one of the most successful video game brands out there (Ed: correction—second most successful, behind Mario), and the name Pikachu is pretty much synonymous with Pokémon as a whole. The latest spin-off from the main series, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond, is more an RPG platform game that features Pokémon, rather than a true Pokémon game. Let’s take a romp in the PokéPark to find out what it’s all about.

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We Review: De Blob 2

Famed cubist artist Pablo Picasso once said: “The world does not make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” He had a point. These days it seems that everything needs to be more and more realistic, and video games are no exception. Modern games push the boundaries of realism, and this may not always be a good thing. Consider that it may be our obsession with realism that has led to the rise of ‘reality television’, the horrors of which I need not delve into. Cast your mind back to a time before ultra realism, where game-play and having fun were the order of the day. Let’s see if De Blob 2 can take us back to those days where fun was paramount, after the jump.

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We Review: Epic Mickey

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s most recognizable and profitable cartoon character. Having starred in countless cartoon strips in the past, the once beloved Mickey Mouse isn’t making as grand an impact on this generation of young people and it is feared he may be turning into nothing more than a corporate mascot for the company that created him over 80 years ago. Change was sorely needed and that task of re-imagining Mickey Mouse was handed over to Warren Spector and the good people at Junction Point Studios.

In Spector’s new vision that is Epic Mickey, the usually cheery mouse steps out of his comfort zone and is forced to embark on a dark and dreary adventure that one will not soon forget. Ever curious, Mickey stumbles onto the creation of sorcerer Yen Sid (“Disney” spelled backwards) – a model world that is a mirror of Disneyland that serves as a home for all of Disney’s discarded cartoons and forgotten fairground attractions. Mickey fumbles around with the sorcerer’s magical brush and mistakenly unleashes a sinister Shadow Blot. The situation is made more dire when Mickey tries to erase the creature but ends up spilling thinner all over the the world. Delirious with panic, Mickey legs it from the scene while the blot invades the world. Months later with the event forgotten, Mickey’s nap is interrupted by the Shadow Blot who pulls him into the world.

Find out what happens after the cut.

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Keeping it Local: E3 Gaming News from SA Blogs

Usually we like to leave gaming news up to our friends at the local gaming blogs… and today is no exception ;-) . If you’re a gamer then your attention should be firmly fixed on the happenings at the annual trade show E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) where video game developers rock up to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

E3 2009 is in full swing from today until June 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center and in our link loving post today we’ll cover some of the E3 news as reported by the South African gaming blogs. Check it:

  • A selection of the most exciting videos shown at E3. Assassin’s Creed 2 is in Venice and Metal Gear Solid: Rising comes to the Xbox 360.
  • Details from Microsoft’s impressive press conference. Good things are afoot.
  • Project Natal is Microsoft’s new motion controller that’s not really a controller at all. Could this dethrone Nintendo in the motion sensing department?
  • See Project Natal in action. Looks fun if a little nerdy and has the potential to cause self-injury.
  • EA release screenshots of Need For Speed: SHIFT. Will this title boost the franchise out of the doldrums?
  • Dante’s Inferno Trailer at E3. “Go to Hell” is an appropriate slogan.
  • PC-killer Crysis sees sequel heading to consoles. Crysis 2 says no consoles to needed be upgraded – hooray!

If you’ve found interesting E3 articles on other local gaming blog, let us know.

[via Lazygamer | el33tonline | CuriousOnion | PS3 Blog]

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Muscle March: Possibly the Most Bizarre Wii Game Yet!

The Japanese a traditionally known for their wacky antics – from air sex to ‘tard wrestling to penis-worshipping festivals, they just excel at any and all weird shit. This character trait also seeps into gaming and Namco’s Muscle March (or Muscle Koushinkyoku in Japanese) might just be the most bizarre Wii game yet seen.

The trailer’s in Japanese and from what I make out, some massively roided-up dudes are running around levels chasing an NFL footballer who has stolen their “supplements”. With their thongs firmly lodged between rock-hard butt cheeks, these bodybuilders stop occasionally for what look like weight-lifting poses. To top it off, the only woman in the game looks like a man who wears bikinis for a living, and there’s a polar bear in diapers. Yes, you read right – a polar bear. In diapers.

Check out the trailer below.

I don’t know if apprehensive anticipation describes what I’m feeling right now but I’m strangely drawn to this game. Muscle March releases as a WiiWare title in Japan on May 26th.

[via Buzzfeed]

BONUS: Take a look at these extreme bodybuilders.

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Meat Boy Brings Retro Goodness, Hitler Gets a Mention Too

From Jonathan Mcentee and Edmund McMillen comes an old-school platformer with loads of meaty goodness. In Meat Boy, you and the girlfriend Band-Aid Girl are having a good time when she gets kidnapped by some blob-type thing. You need to get her back but in your way stands a series of dastardly jumping puzzles. With blocky graphics, a catchy soundtrack, and ever challenging (yet addictive) puzzles, it makes for some great retro fun.

Play Meat Boy at Newgrounds.

The cute little fleshbag will be making a transition to the Nintendo Wii as a WiiWare title; Super Meat Boy is slated for release later this year. They seem to have got the ball rolling with some potentially offensive advertising that takes a dig at vegetarians and Hitler in the same breath.

The dubious text has since been edited out on the game developer’s blog. Keep updated with the game’s progress at Super Meat Boy.

[via Gamers With Jobs | Joystiq]