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We Review: Epic Mickey

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s most recognizable and profitable cartoon character. Having starred in countless cartoon strips in the past, the once beloved Mickey Mouse isn’t making as grand an impact on this generation of young people and it is feared he may be turning into nothing more than a corporate mascot for the company that created him over 80 years ago. Change was sorely needed and that task of re-imagining Mickey Mouse was handed over to Warren Spector and the good people at Junction Point Studios.

In Spector’s new vision that is Epic Mickey, the usually cheery mouse steps out of his comfort zone and is forced to embark on a dark and dreary adventure that one will not soon forget. Ever curious, Mickey stumbles onto the creation of sorcerer Yen Sid (“Disney” spelled backwards) – a model world that is a mirror of Disneyland that serves as a home for all of Disney’s discarded cartoons and forgotten fairground attractions. Mickey fumbles around with the sorcerer’s magical brush and mistakenly unleashes a sinister Shadow Blot. The situation is made more dire when Mickey tries to erase the creature but ends up spilling thinner all over the the world. Delirious with panic, Mickey legs it from the scene while the blot invades the world. Months later with the event forgotten, Mickey’s nap is interrupted by the Shadow Blot who pulls him into the world.

Find out what happens after the cut.

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Delectable 8-Bit Meat Diagrams

Illustrator Jude Buffum takes a look into the gaming world quite unlike anyone we have seen before. While artist Mads Peitersen paints the anatomy of gaming peripherals (360 controller, PS3 controller) in an eXistenZ kind of way, Buffum draws some gaming characters as if there were tasty meats available for purchase at your local butcher’s shop.

His 8-bit meat diagrams are detailed in the different cuts that can be gained from the creature and in some cases he offers suggestions for accompaniments to go with the meat. For example, while both Koopa meat pairs well with red wine and a serving of carnivorous vegetables and mushrooms. Have a look at Buffum’s series of meat diagrams after the jump.


Super Mario Chess Set

The fact that my first two posts on this blog are related to Nintendo games is an absolute coincidence, I promise. It’s just that the content of these two posts was just so full of win, I had to post them.

Anyway, Super Mario Chess! This is just awesome. There are a couple of odd things you start noticing once you get over the feeling of nostalgia. Mario and Luigi as King and Queen? Mario as king I can totally understand, but Luigi as queen? And why on earth are the Goombas playing as towers?

Nevertheless, it’s still totally awesome.You can buy a set at EntertainmentEarth for $40.

[via Technabob]

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Mykola & Kanye West: “Robocop” 1988 Import Version

Kanye West is complete nutter, but when it comes to his music and music videos he usually sets the bar higher than most. And it seems his fans do the same. A 24 year-old Ukranian graphic designer by the name of Mykola Dosenko decided to create an 8-bit throwback video for Kanye’s song, Robocop. Mykola created all the graphics specifically for the video and throws in references to classic video games like MegaMan, Ninja Gaiden, TMNT, and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

This video is made of awesome sauce. Check it out or watch it in HD at YouTube.

Hit the jump to see more of Mykola’s 8bit, NES-like music videos.