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Tricky: Murder Weapon

I still remember the very first experience with oldschool jungle. One of my bestest school mates lent me a CD to listen to over the weekend and my head exploded the moment I heard first song, M-Beat’s “Incredible”. I played it over and over, and considering I had no idea what the dude was singing (we didn’t have the Internet), I made up my own lyrics. Having seen them now, they make as much sense as mine did back in back in the day.

Jungle Hits Volume 1 was packed with oldschool ragga jungle bangers like Champion, Ride The Punanny, and one of my favourites, Leviticus’ The Burial. These memories came flowing back when I saw Tricky’s new music video for Murder Weapon. That song appeared on Jungle Hits Volume 1 too – I remember it well – it started off with an infamous scene from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly where Tuco is in the bubble bath and gets set upon by an armed man. That is not present in Tricky’s version and neither is Echo Minott’s original vocals. Irish-Italian singer Franky Riley, lends her vocals to this re-working. Check it below.

Listen to the original Murder Weapon below.

[audio: Weapon.mp3]

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Old-school tapes

my own cassette

I don’t know how many of you even own a cassette player anymore, and I don’t think anywhere round here (where I live) sells them either. They were a blast though weren’t they? All those hours of unwravelling and winding tape that your nasty player had thoughtlessly eaten, then having all your favourite songs warble away sounding only somewhat familiar forever after.

I loved cassettes though seriously. They gave me freedom from the kak music played on the radio. Anyhow to cut a long story short (I wish I actualy had!) provides a generator where you can relive those nostalgic days of tapes by making your own to look at. They also have a videotape generator.

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Redesigning Breakout

Breakout is an arcade classic that was first introduced in 1976, and pretty is boring and dated these days. But not any more.

Yoshio Ishii, of Nekogames, has reinvented the classic in his latest game, Redesigning Breakout. It uses the same basic form of Breakout gameplay, but every time the ball hits the paddle, it’s sent off at super-fast speeds, and will return to a slower velocity if you let it hit the bottom.

Gather up your reflexes, and eliminate the blocks before the clock runs out! Play it below or go to NEKOGAMES – via Random Good Stuff.