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Video Games vs The Real World

Some people tend to poo-poo video games saying they are aimed at anti-social hermits who’d rather spend more time living in a digital world than in the real one. This is not such a bad thing, according to Games Radar who’ve drawn up some 30 comparisons between video games and the real world, fairly proving that playing in weird and wonderful game worlds is a great escape from the dull real world.

A pudgy Italian plumber who battles the turtle-like Koopa race and rescues the princess versus some boring dude with a spanner who might piss in your sink depending on how you’ve treated him.

Top-heavy, gun-toting, hot-pant-wearing Lara Croft versus some frumpy ladies digging with toothpicks.

Going in guns blazing versus setting in a muddy trench eating mud soup.

For more, hit up the full article at Games Radar.

BONUS: Directed by Frank Budgen, Double Life was a TV spot that aired in 1999 and romanticized gaming culture. Check it out below or go to YouTube.

– thanks Mark!