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Spectacular Organic Origami

Goran Konjevod is a professor of mathematics and theoretical computer science. It’s a good thing that he also loves origami otherwise we’d have a tough time convincing you how awesome computer science is.

Channeling his keen mathemagical energy, Mr. Konjevod has made some fantastic 3D paper (and copper) sculptures. He says this about his creations:

Most of my pieces so far are abstract shapes naturally formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers of paper are arranged according to regular or irregular patterns. In that sense, they could almost be said to be discovered, rather than invented or designed…

…I try to restrict myself to working with single uncut sheets of paper or other foldable material (such as copper), and for the most part use very simple “pureland” folds. Normally, this last restriction would imply that the resulting forms are flat. However, a real sheet of paper is always three-dimensional—even when unfolded—and its thickness brings about a much more obvious three-dimensionality when multiple layers are present.

We think his abstract origami should do all the talking. See a few of them after the jump.

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Mui-Ling Teh’s Ever So Tiny Origami

I haven’t met Mui-Ling Teh, but I can assume she has the most dexterous fingers.

The 23-year old Canadian artist has always been a fan of paper craft and in 2008, she began creating origami on a truly miniature scale. She folds the 15×15mm paper with her fingers and only uses tweezers for the last few folds. Her paper art is millimeters in size and usually captured with a hand-held camera in super macro mode, or shot through a magnifying glass. Her smallest work to date is a crane folded from a 3×3mm piece of trace paper.

Have a look at some of her incredible miniature origami after the jump.

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Money as Art: Won Park’s Dollar Bill Origami

Origami master Won Park is known as a money folder for bending, twisting, and folding American dollar bills into beautiful life-like structures. His one dollar koi is stunningly detailed, from its perfect shape, to the eyes, and even the scales.

See a few more images in the gallery below.

More of Park’s fantastic dollar bill origami can be found on DeviantArt.

[via The Cool List]

BONUS: If you want to try your hand at creating his origami koi, Park provides downloadable instructions (PDF) and a set of video tutorials.

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Paper Foldables: Print. Cut. Fold. Tape.

If there’s one thing we love here, it’s boobies papercraft. Artist Bryan Green creates super-cool custom papercraft toys that are available for free download. I’m told that assembly couldn’t be easier – print. cut. fold. tape. Here are some of Green’s creations.

Find the downloadable PDFs at Paper Foldables.

[via Drawn]

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DIY Toys: Readymechs

Readymech is a project of the FWIS design collective, that makes free, flatpack toys that you can print and build. Readymechs may not be as cool as Dunnies and Munnies but are certainly way cheaper. And I’m all about cheap.

Head over to the Readymech Series, abuse those working printing resources, and get building.

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Paper Animation: This is Where we Live

This is where We Live is a beautiful short created by 4th Estate Publishers for their 25th anniversary. It took 3 weeks to produce.

Click Play below or go to Vimeo.

More images at

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Silhouette Masterpiece Theatre

Wilhelm Staehle combines vintage colours and intricate paper cut-outs to produce something quite twisted and funny.

More after the jump.


Papercraft Millenium Falcon – Build It Yourself

Paper engineer Shunichi Makino has made an incredible papercraft recreation of Han Solo’s Millenium Falcon.

If you have absolutely no desire in the opposite sex, this might be a worthwile project to fill your time. The patterns and instructions are available on Makino’s website.