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Insane Office Escape 2!

You might recall 2011’s thrilling Insane Office Escape. Biting Elbows are back with another adrenaline-pumping escape sequence in the aptly titled, Bad Motherfucker.

Shot in a similar FPS style, the continuation of Insane Office Escape sees our lethal combatant in the hands of his Russian captors. They have the device and it’s up to our man to retrieve it by any means necessary. Cue bloody hand-to-hand combat, frantic parkour chases, and even a trip to the mountains. Check out Bad Motherfucker below but be warned, it is extremely violent.

[via SAGamer]

Awesomeness Video Clips

People Are Awesome 2013

If there’s anything for making you feel well and decently inadequate, then it’s watching videos of people doing awesome things. Let’s get you feeling properly down by showing almost five minutes of loads of people doing amazing stuff, shall we? The video was uploaded by a band member of the group Hadouken, so naturally the it features a track of theirs as well, called “Levitate”. The music is awesome, the people are awesome, and they can all do things you can’t. Feel good, now?

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Game Reviews

We Review: Assassin’s Creed 3

The latest game in the Assassin’s Creed saga was recently released, and it features a new protagonist to replace Ezio Audittore. Let’s see how well the stabbing, killing, maiming, and adventuring continues, shall we?

Cautionary Tales Sports Video Clips

Epic Parkour Fail

I’ve always imagined parkour athletes as terribly slim, lithe creatures that are able to bound from obstacle to obstacle with poise and grace. It seems, however, that all shapes and sizes can do it. Doing it well is another matter, as seen in this clip from “Hardcore Parkour” where a gentleman attempts a stunt that does not go according to plan. Shit happens.

Update: Professional zombie survivalist Zombie_Phil has informed us that is not a fail but a highly coordinated stunt by Nasty The Horse, an ex-gymnast renowned for his testicular fortitude . You can find more of his “cup-less nut shots” on Youtube. The Horse is also on Twitter.

[via TheKervynator on Twitter]

Cautionary Tales Mindlessness Video Clips

Freerunning Bails, Fails, and Bloody Trails

Abe over at The Given Collective posted a bone-crunchingly funny video on the local gaming forum and I was compelled to show it to you. When done right, urban acrobatics like freerunning and parkour can be full of win, however, put a foot wrong or miss a ledge and it’s into painful fail territory very quickly. Almost always there is someone with a video camera at the scene and YouTube user borisparkour has kindly created a compilation of some brutal yet hilarious freerunning fails. Check out Don’t Freerun (You Will Die) below.

[via PS3ZA]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Exploit Yourself

We’re not talking about selling your jiggly bits on Sea Point main road, but testing your own limits when it comes to sports, and by sports we don’t mean prostitution. Unless prostitution is a legalized sport, which it isn’t, or won’t be until the Soccer World Cup in 2010 ;-)

Anyways, swiftly moving on, “Exploit Yourself” is a fictitious Nike commercial created by Big Lazy Robot featuring a hoodie-wearing robot running and jumping about in his Nikes.

Check it out below or watch it in HD at Vimeo.

Earlier we had robots that consumed flesh to sustain themselves, then it was the death-dealing RoboGeishas, and now robots doing extreme running in our favourite sport shoes. I think the writing is firmly on the wall…

[via Like Cool]

Gaming News

Mirror’s Edge: Victory in Vomit

I’ll be getting Mirror’s Edge for the PS3 this weekend, and I’m really looking forward to playing it seeing if it’ll make me vomit. In Mirror’s Edge, I’ll be a sexy Asian woman (that’ll be a nice for a change) making use of parkour to deliver black-market messages in a locked-down, police state.

I’ll be running on rooftops some 40 stories in the air, leaping across vertigo-inducing gaps, tight-rope walking on pipes, and wall running like the Prince of Persia, all the while being chased down by the cops who’d loved to pop a cap in my ass. All this frenetic action may cause discomforting simulation sickness and result in me bringing up the pizza lunch I had earlier.

Only 15 minutes into the game, Clive Thompson over at said  that his mouth began overproducing saliva, and he had to pause the action for a few seconds to avoid carsickness. Other FPS games hadn’t affected him in this way, and he thinks Mirror’s Edge felt so visceral because it is the first game to hack into his proprioception.

According to wikipedia, proprioception is a sense of one’s own body – it is the sense that indicates whether the body is moving with required effort, as well as where the various parts of the body are located in relation to each other.

Most FPS games don’t create a proper sense of proprioception because you can’t see all the limbs of your character and can’t get a sense of the dimensions of your in-game body. In Mirror’s Edge, however, you can see your arms pumping up and down as you run, and your legs come into view when you make a jump. Clive says the game is not merely graphically realistic; it’s neurologically realistic. He feels he is the character, there is a strong sense of physicality, and the speed at which his character moves now means something and affects his brain as if he were really travelling at speed.

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In any case, when I eventually get to play Mirror’s Edge, I’ll have my bucket nearby in case of emergency ;)

You can read Clive’s article on Mirror’s Edge and proprioception at