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Sony Releases New Stupid Box Thing

Having broken the news about Apple’s revolutionary new laptop, The Onion reports that Sony has just released it’s new “stupid box thing” featuring impossible to open packaging, random words and numbers on its display screen, and a help menu that only rocket scientists can understand.

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– via Laughing Squid.

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Slumming It: Homeless James Bond

It’s not all Tom Ford suits and La Perla “Grigioperla” swimming shorts when it comes to being a 007 in the slums.

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My Sugar Lumps

A music video by Flight of the Conchords. After Bret unwittingly bankrupts the band, Jemaine thinks they should contemplate prostitution considering “all the ladies are crazy for my sugar lumps.”

– via Milk and Cookies.


Zimbabwe’s New $100 Trillion Note

CNN reports that Zimbabwe’s central bank is soon going to be introducing a 100 trillion dollar note to keep pace with hyperinflation. The official rate was 231 million percent as of July 2008. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe said the new notes that includes 50 trillion, 20 trillion and 10 trillion would be released for the “convenience of the public”.

We here at the onelargeprawn blog have spies everywhere and in exchange for some Colgate toothpaste and a Kitkat, one of our mercenary contacts has managed to get hold of the note. Herewith for your viewing please, and a World first, I give you Zimbabwe’s new 100 trillion dollar note.

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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop!

The Apple MacBook Wheel is a revolutionary new laptop that replaces the traditional keyboard with a single touch-sensitive click wheel. Typing will be a thing of the past – with the MacBook Wheel everything is only a few hundred clicks away. Included is the state-of-the-art Hummingbird battery which can power the computer for a full 19 minutes. So simple, and perfect. I love it.

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Uncyclopedia, the Content-Free Encyclopedia

Since its launch in 2005, Uncyclopedia, an addictive parody of Wikipedia, has grown into a formidable wiki.

It is the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, and according to co-founder Jonathan Huang, there are two main rules at Uncyclopedia: 1) Be funny and not just stupid, and 2) Don’t be a dick. BUT if you’re being funny and being a dick, chances are your entry may stay. In any case, it is the masses that decide what’s funny, with users and admins constantly on the prowl for quality assurance.

Uncyclopedia has an extensive Howto section from which I have learnt a lot more than I should admit to:

Dive into a whole new world of unknowledge at Uncyclopedia.