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Tag: patience

Mui-Ling Teh’s Ever So Tiny Origami

I haven’t met Mui-Ling Teh, but I can assume she has the most dexterous fingers.

The 23-year old Canadian artist has always been a fan of paper craft and in 2008, she began creating origami on a truly miniature scale. She folds the 15×15mm paper with her fingers and only uses tweezers for the last few folds. Her paper art is millimeters in size and usually captured with a hand-held camera in super macro mode, or shot through a magnifying glass. Her smallest work to date is a crane folded from a 3×3mm piece of trace paper.

Have a look at some of her incredible miniature origami after the jump.

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Trial and Error: Can you Achieve Perfect Balance?

Relax, take a deep breath, and give puzzle game Perfect Balance a go. As the name implies, you need to try to get a collection of shapes to balance perfectly on a base structure. There are 80 levels in total. Prepare for frustration.

Play Perfect Balance at Kongregatethanks Feeyaad!

One Year in 40 Seconds

The view out of my computer room looks straight into the neighbour’s kitchen, where a married couple delight in their monthly naked cooking sessions. It’s not a pleasant sight. Living far away from the concrete jungle, Eirik Solheim had a much better view out of his window, and in 2005 he decided to shoot images out of his window, for one year. He did this again at the end of 2007 but in much better quality.

What you see below is a 40-second clip of those photos. It’s pretty stunning if you like seeing trees change colour, which I do :)

Read about the process at Eirik’s website – via Neatorama.