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Kung Fu Baby Kicks Dragon Butt!

You’ll remember Patrick Boivin for short films about playful AT-ATs and various pop culture confrontations.

Two years ago, his daughter starred in an adobable parody of Iron Man. His latest short film stars Iron Baby’s little brother as he takes on a stuffed dragon in an epic battle to the death. You’re sure to spot the nods to Bruce Lee and The Bride from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Check out Dragon Baby below.

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This AT-AT is Adorable!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a great day, thanks for asking. I turned 25 for the 7th year in a row and it felt good. It’s Monday/Moanday/Glumday, I’m back in the office, and wishing I were somewhere else. After watching Patrick Boivin’s adorable short film about a playful AT-AT and a peek into its life as man’s best friend, I’d rather be at home playing with our puppies.

Check out AT-AT Day Afternoon below.

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Clash of the Titans: Jackson Versus Bean

When I think about titans clashing, I am imagining Mr T and Chuck Norris in a loving embrace. This most awesome stop-motion animation completely tops that. The king of pop is in a dance-off with the prince of physical comedy. Who will triumph? Find out after the jump.