Arty Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs

Wonderful Wildlife by Iain Macarthur

Freelance illustrator Iain Macarthur from Swindon, UK uses intricate geometrical patterns to create the faces and bodies of the animals in his series entitled “Wildlife”. The line work is fantastic and detail is absolutely amazing, they’d made fantastic tattoos I wager. Have a look at his wonderful wildlife portraits after the jump.

Flash Games

Can You Beat a Computer at Rock-Paper-Scissors?

The game Rock-Paper-Scissors (or RPS) is thought to have been created at the time of the Chinese Han dynasty. It was called shoushiling, roughly translated to “hand-command”. Its popularity has spread all over the world so much so there is even a world society dedicated to the sport and several officially sanctioned events.

Computers want in on the action too, and in this handy flash game from The New York Times, you can test how you would fare against a computer that is programmed to uses databanks of statistical info to mimic human thinking and to exploit the fact that people tend to stick to patterns.

Play RPS against the computer at The New York Times website and let us know how you did.

[via Neatorama]

Arty Weirdness

Weirdly Cute Patterns by Mike Mitchell

We haven’t done a wallpaper-related post in a while. We don’t really have an excuse for it aside from the suffering a serious bout of procrastinitis. We’re better now and found some odd wallpaper patterns from Los Angeles artist Mike Mitchell.

From a bizarre skull and cross bones design made up of kitty bits to an anthropomorphic eyeball, Mitchell’s designs are cute, if a little weird. Check them out after the jump.