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Further Up Yonder

Since the beginning of the expeditions, the International Space Station (ISS) has been home to scientists and astronauts from around the world.

These people from the United States, Russia, Canada, Italy, Japan, and Germany have worked in mutual collaboration off the earth, for the earth. This is part of the message in Giacomo Sardelli’s wonderful time-lapse video. In it he stitched together photographs captured from the ISS and included short radio messages recorded by astronauts who gaze upon the Earth and see a world without borders. Have a look at Further Up Yonder below.

To see the video in 2K and how it was made, head over to Sardelli’s blog.

[via PetaPixel]

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Ramadhan Kareem

As Ramadhan comes round once more, we’d like to send our sincerest best wishes to our Muslim readers and all other Muslims around the world observing this blessed month.

A bountiful and peaceful Ramadan to you through this time of prayer, introspection, and family togetherness. Insha’Allah.

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