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PETA Crowns Sexiest Vegetarian

I had salad for lunch – truly I did and I loved it every bite of it. It’s not like the TV ad where the husband gives away the sandwich his wife lovingly made for him and heads off to KFC for fulfilment.

To tie in with the fruit and vegetable theme, I’m pleased to announce that PETA has recently chosen winners for its 2009 Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door contest. Did you even know there was such a contest? I certainly didn’t, perhaps I should take a more keen interest in this vegetarian lark. “Vegetarians are people too” someone once told me, and these ones are hot.

After 3 rounds, two women made it through to the final – Gisele and Amber. Gisele (on the left) is a 25-year old meat-dodger from Miami who enjoys modeling, graphic design, arts and crafts, and mountain biking; Amber is 29, hails from Minnesota and is turned on by confidence, bad boys who have a heart for animals, tattoos, and creativity.

And the winner is…. after the jump :silly:

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Gasp! A Non-Nude Ad from PETA

The only reason you I pay any attention to PETA is because of their titular ad campaigns. Going vegetarian has a flitting appeal as long as there is a stunner flashing her naked hindquarters at me.

But this new anti-fur ad featuring the voices of P!nk and the chubby funnyman Ricky Gervais has certainly taken a new direction. Click play or go to PETA.

What do you think about it? Nekkid models versus skinned animals that talk. It’s a tough sell.