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Destroying a Tea Party in Super Slow Motion

Using a Phantom Flex camera, film school senior, Zach King brings a catapult to a tea party and shoots the destruction at anywhere between 3,200 to 6,900 frames per second. Watch as delicate tea china, glasses, and eggs are broken in super slow motion.

[via Geekologie]

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Fun Times With Phantom Flex

Life could be far more interesting if it had a slow motion button, don’t you think? After being entertained by ashomsky’s compilation of skateboarding bails and fails shot at 1,000 frames per second, I wanted to see more.

The Phantom Flex is a high-speed camcorder that is able to shoot at 1080p videos at a whopping 2,570 frames per second. Some months back, cinematographer Tom Guilmette happened to find himself in possession of a Phantom Flex, and decided to experiment with it. From the comfort of his hotel room, Guilmette used the camera to film ordinary things such as jumping on a bed, opening and closing a tap, and smashing a light bulb. These may seem like banal tasks but are taken to a whole new level at 2,564 frames per second. Have a look at his slow-motion footage below.

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