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Philosoraptor – The Philosophy of a Reptile Mind

Perhaps I’m the only one, but whenever I hear anyone say the words ‘Clever Girl’ while talking to their dog, girlfriend or colleague, I’m immediately reminded of one of my favourite scenes from a movie. Maybe I’m not the only one and you already know which scene and which movie I’m talking about?

Come on… it’s one of the highest grossing films of all time and was groundbreaking in it’s day, you have watched it!.. Still nothing… Alright fine, final clue is an image, maybe the left side of your brain is more active than the rest.

Clever Girl

There you go, the movie was Jurassic Park and the dude with the shotgun and the sweet hat (Robert Muldoon) gets eaten by a raptor because as he so rightly puts it, raptors are clever. Which is why I have such a soft spot for Philosoraptor. Philsoraptor asks the questions that we want answered, the questions we may never know the answer to. Check out a selection of his finest after the jump.

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Life’s Funny Lessons

If you enjoyed Ashleigh Brilliant’s pot-shots, chances are you might like charming art by Spanish illustrator Alex Noriega. On his sketch blog, Stuff No One Told Me (but I have to post it here or aliens will kill me), Noriega takes a humorous look at some of life’s truths.

Check out Noriega’s illustrated life lessons after the jump.

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Pot-Shots: Wit and Wisdom From Ashleigh Brilliant

Ashleigh Brilliant (real name) is a 77-year-old author/philosopher/cartoonist from London, UK. He has spent almost 40 years of this life on a project called Pot-Shots. Also known as Brilliant Thoughts, he tries to put down his thoughts in 17 words or less. He hopes that his epigrams will have a profound effect and may “hit you in your heart, brain, or funny bone – or perhaps all three.”

See a couple of pot-shots after the jump.

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Le Grand Content: Life, Explained in Charts & Diagrams

Created by Austrian animator and motion graphic designer, Clemens Kogler, Le Grand Content tries to make sense of our lives and its pitfalls through the use of Venn diagrams, pie charts, and graphs.

My favourite section is the graphical representation of one’s intended career path versus one’s actual career path. The difference between the two is the reason why we drink. In that case, I should be a raging alcoholic ;-)

See the video below.

The diagrams used were inspired by Jessica Hagy’s site, Indexed.

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