The Cake is a Pie: Pie-Packed Art by Quasimondo

Can the humble pie chart seen as art? We are certainly aware of its informational qualities but computational guru Mario Klingemann shows us the lesser-known arty pie chart. He analyzes the different colors in famous pieces by Vincent van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, and Michelangelo and recreates the artwork using the data from the analysis. He calls the technique “pie-packing”.

See some of his pie-packed visualizations after the jump.

Animal Kingdom

The Typical Lives of Animals Told in Pie Charts

A typical day in my life is hardly the stuff of legends, in fact I spend most of my time trying to look for things I had just a moment ago. Judging from our lives of our pets, I do think animals have a far more pleasurable time of it. The cats teeter between ignoring our existence and demanding food. The dogs are spend the majority of the time barking at absolutely nothing and trying to eat petrified cat faeces. It’d be disgusting if they didn’t look so sweet. But I digress.

Jeff Wysaski over at Pleated-Jeans likes pie charts, not only are they great visual aids they also makes one feel like they’re being productive. He has created pie-charts to illustrate how five wild animals spend their time on a typical day. They’re quite cute, have a look at them after the jump.