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Pixel Video Game Characters

It’s not the first time illustrator Michael B. Myers Jr. (DRAWSGOOD) has worked with pixels portraits. He has already created a series of pixel renderings of popular Star Wars characters and various comic book super heroes. In his latest set of posters, Myers Jr. has drawn five pixel video game characters created for a gamer community, High Score Society.

Despite their simple blocks and colours, these badass video game characters are instantly recognizable. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Awesome Voxel Art by Metin Seven

I am lacking sleep. This morning I nearly used antihistamine cream as toothpaste and Deems remarked that at least my teeth wouldn’t itch. I suppose he has a fair point there. Later on the day, I tried to use my security tag to open a door and found that it just flung wide open – I was about to launch into a diatribe about the company’s lax security measures until I realized that the door led to the men’s toilet.

So I’m still half-asleep and I hope my barometer of awesomness isn’t poked as well, but I do think this is pretty sweet stuff. Dutch designer Metin Seven has created some fantastic illustrations of the voxel kind. A voxel is like a pixel in 3D, and Seven uses them in his character designs and more interestingly to put a 3D spin on classic 2D games. Have a look at some of his pixel illustrations after the jump.