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Retro Warfare

Created by and starring Andrew McMurry, Retro Warfare is a funny little short that has our real life hero fighting off enemies from classic video games. Does McMurry make it to the end of the level or does the game have the last laugh? Find out below.

McMurry has shot other films including real life games of Metal Slug and Super Mario Bros., and in another, show how a minecrafter would deal with a zombie attack. See those short films after the jump.

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A Pixelpocalypse Hits New York!

OMG! It’s a Pixelpocalypse!

Created by Patrick Jean in collaboration with One More Production, PIXELS is a short film showing New York under siege from 8-bit video game characters. If you’re a fan of retro gaming and disaster flicks, it doesn’t get better than this. Enjoy.

[via speckyboy]

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Pixelfest – A Collaborative Artwork

Pixelfest is group artwork project to see whether a group of random people, contributing a single pixel a day, can make a coherent piece of art purely through the influence of the work itself.

Here’s the rules:

  • You can place one pixel a day.You can place a pixel anywhere on the grid.
  • You can overwrite existing pixels.
  • There is no pre-defined subject matter of the picture.
  • No collaborating through the comments.
  • Use your imagination.

Go forth and pixelate.

A flash animation of the entire pixel process can be seen at HERE – via GUERILLA INNOVATION.