I’m a terrible fisherman, I have no great stories of the fish I’ve caught or the ones that got away. My only triumph of mediocrity is when I foul-hooked a very small Large Mouth Bass. And that my friends is a preamble to this – the Plastiquarium.

Using discarded plastic containers, sculptor Edgar creates a colourful menagerie of fish and other sea creatures. Given the amount of rubbish polluting the oceans (see Great Pacific Garbage Patch), Edgar believes the Plastiquarium to be an evolutionary step.

The Plastiquarium is immersed in mystery. Modern myth suggests that a century of increasing phosphate levels in Earth’s marine environment caused new, synthetic life forms to emerge. As recyclable HDPE plastic containers spread concentrates of consumer product pollutants, the Plastiquarium creatures evolved in the image of their packaging forbearers.

Have a look at some of the exotic fishes after the jump.

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