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Playboy’s Titillating Tribute to Tron

I know, it was the Tron bit that brought you here wasn’t it? It’s like how I buy Playboy magazine for the impeccably-worded discourse. Speaking of the gentleman’s magazine, you may enjoy this little clip. Playmates Irina Voronina (the blonde I believe) and Sasckya Porto participate in Playboy’s rather risque tribute to the goodness of Tron. It comes complete with light cycles, neon lights, and smatterings of nudity. Check it out below.

Playboy has also produced some images to accompany their video, have a gawk at those after the jump. I’ve kindly obscured the naughty bits with dainty prawns so you won’t get into trouble if you’re viewing this at work. How nice am I?

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Snubbed: Jennifer Aniston Declines Playboy Offer

The nearly 40 year old Jennifer Aniston still has all the bits in the right places. After posing in nothing but an inappropriatly placed necktie for the cover of GQ Magazine’s January 2009 issue, she was noticed by the wandering eyes of Sir Sexalot, Hugh Hefner. The Hef offered a record-breaking USD 4 million for Aniston to recreate her nude GQ cover shoot for Playboy.

She politely declined Playboy’s offer, reportedly telling magazine boss Hefner that GQ was art, but Playboy is SEX. Hell’s horses, for 4 million bucks, I’d certainly show of my enormous tackle (currently waiting for Guinness to verify its awesomeness), but hey, good for her and her upstanding morals. As I always say, “With a great rack, comes great responsibility.”

Hit the jump for more images.

Entertainment Mindlessness Risqué

Dasha Astafieva is Playboy’s 55th Playmate

Here at the Onelargeprawn blog, we pride ourselves in giving you the facts. And here’s a rather tasty fact – Dasha Astafieva, a 23-year old Ukranian model has been selected to be Playboy’s January 2009 Playmate of the Month. She is the 55th Anniversary Playmate.

At a party celebrating Playboy’s 55th Birthday,  Astafieva displayed her credentials to the world. She showed up wearing a very see-through dress but halfway down the red carpet, she realized her thong was blocking our view of her vagina, so she hiked up her dress and somewhat gracefully took the thong off! Maybe she had too much to drink that day or maybe Ukrainian girls just love to show the world their vaginas.

In any case, hit the jump to see more pics of the classy girl [NSFW].