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What Your Poop is Telling You About Your Body

If you’ve ever watched Dr Mehmet Oz, you’ll know that he is quite serious about poop because it provides valuable information about the health of your digestive system.

The good doctor recommends examining not only your poop but the sound it make when it enters the water — it should hit the water as a diver from Acapulco would, with a swoosh. That sentiment that is echoed in this infographic, where the diver has been replaced with a torpedo. The infographic also provides information on the causes of the different colours and shapes of poop that you produce. And it details what your pee is telling you about your body. Be informed or sickened or both after the jump.

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The Fastest Living Thing on the Planet?

In an episode of “Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds”, Richard Hammond travels to the English countryside in search of the fastest living thing on the planet. Would it surprise you to know that it lives in piles of horse poop? Be disgusted and/or amazed below.

If you had some concerns about Hammond’s confusion of speed and acceleration, you may want to read Rhett Allain’s article on Wired, where he uses maths to question Hammond’s claims.

[via The Presurfer]

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Waste Not, Want Not: Japanese Scientist Makes Poop Burger

Nothing should really surprise you when the Japanese are concerned. The latest news from the Internet says that our far east friends have managed to create edible hamburger “meat” that just so happens to made of protein extracted from human poo.

A sewage plant in Tokyo was faced with an abundance of sewage mud and asked scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda to think of possible uses for it. The mud contains bacteria that feed on the human faeces, and Ikeda found that the bacteria themselves contained a lot of protein. That discovery led Ikeda to the next logical step — synthesizing the protein and adding soya and other additives to make the “meat” taste just like beef. The process is explained in detail below.

If you have trouble believing this shit, you’re not alone. YouTuber user Gimmeaflakeman has some concerns about the validity of the video.

What are your thoughts? If push comes to shove, would you eat a turd burger?

[via Huffington Post]

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Epic Parkour Fail

I’ve always imagined parkour athletes as terribly slim, lithe creatures that are able to bound from obstacle to obstacle with poise and grace. It seems, however, that all shapes and sizes can do it. Doing it well is another matter, as seen in this clip from “Hardcore Parkour” where a gentleman attempts a stunt that does not go according to plan. Shit happens.

Update: Professional zombie survivalist Zombie_Phil has informed us that is not a fail but a highly coordinated stunt by Nasty The Horse, an ex-gymnast renowned for his testicular fortitude . You can find more of his “cup-less nut shots” on Youtube. The Horse is also on Twitter.

[via TheKervynator on Twitter]

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