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Creative Opening Credits for LOST

The creation of messieurs Lindelof, Abrams, and Lieber will soon come to its end. Lost will conclude in its sixth season this year, with the 121st episode being aired on May 23rd. Some couldn’t careless whilst others will be mourning it like the death of a dear friend. Some of our readers gave their opinions in the Long Lost Tarots Cards post. However you feel about the show, it has become very much a part of popular culture, with a veritable army of devoted fans.

Aside from its title screen, Lost doesn’t feature any opening credits and it is these fans who pay tribute to their favourite show by creating alternate opening credit sequences. Have a look at some of their interpretations after the jump, beware they may contain spoilers.

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Witty Illustrations From Chow Hon Lam

From pyromaniac matches talking about their exploits to a Street Fighter style face-off between two fast food giants, the funny and often witty illustrations from Malaysian designer Chow Hon Lam make us laugh. And if it makes us laugh, it’s worth blogging about, no?

Designing under the moniker Flying Mouse, Lam’s FM365 project has him creating one design per day for a year. Check out some of Lam’s FM365 creations after the jump.

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Going Medieval: The Bayeux Tapestry Meme

If you liked the Joseph Ducreux/Archaic Rap meme, you might enjoy the Bayeux Tapestry meme. Created sometime in the late 11th century, the Bayeux Tapestry is an embroidered cloth panel some 70 metres long and tells the story about the Norman conquest of England that happened in the year 1066.

That was then. This is now and as is commonplace with the Internet, the tapestry has been bastardized with modern pop culture references and other popular Internet memes. For your enjoyment, we pick 10 of our favourites from this medieval meme. Find them after ye olde jump.

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Goon Tower: The Tallest Tower on the Internet

Whilst the Burj Khalifa may be the tallest man-made structure ever built (828 m), have the most floors (160), and house the world’s fastest elevators (64 km/h), it pales in comparison to the sheer awesomeness that is Goon Tower, the world’s tallest pixel art tower on the Internet.

A collaborative project by the Something Awful Forums from what seems like 2007, the Goon Tower is the world’s largest online building complete with underground levels and hell. Each of the tower’s 400+ storeys was created by a forum member. Including games, movies, music, TV, and a whole lot of cultural references that I just don’t get, the Goon Tower is like a wacky (and often murderous) journey through pop culture.

To see the structure, head to the Goon Tower.

[via Gorilla Mask (NSFW)]

BONUS: MrWong’s Soup’Partments toiwer is equally impressive.

Arty Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics Featured

CubeDude: LEGO Pop Culture Icons

If you’re a fan of vinyl toys and LEGO, I postulate that you have just jizzed in your pants or soon will. Created by Pixar animator and obvious LEGO fan Angus MacLane, the CubeDude Lego Icons series features over 120 charming miniature representations of dudes from movies and TV to cartoons and comics. The characters are instantly recognizable and so very awesome. See a very small selection after the jump.


Oozing Coolness: Coarse Toys

German artist Mark Landwehr loves sculpture and when he decided to create 3D pieces out of his drawings, he didn’t even think about producing toys. Working in Honk Kong, he now runs the Coarse Toy company, making fantastic art toys. Some 12-25 inches tall, the toys are made out of vinyl, resin, and fabric, and come in packaging that is just as arty at the model itself. Have a look at some of them below.

See more at Coarse Toys.

[via Fubiz]

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The Psychedelic Art of Tadanori Yokoo

I don’t know much about graphic design but I do know what I like. And I love the art of Tadanori Yokoo. The 73-year old graphic designer is widely recognized as one of Japan’s most successful and influential artists.

Yokoo’s interests in mysticism and psychedelic art shaped his work and in the late 60s, he created a number of eclectic posters. Take a look at some of them below – click the embiggen.

See more after the jump.


50 Last Supper Parodies

Much like that time when Britney Spears went commando, Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century mural of Jesus announcing that a dirty scoundrel amongst the 12 disciples will betray him, is fairly ingrained in our minds and culture.

Now join Popped Culture as they takes you through 50 parodies and tributes to The Last Supper.

[via The Awesomer]