Creepy “1/2” Face Illusions

I see what you did there, Jesús González Rodríguez. In his photo project entitled 1/2, the student from Venezuela creates illusions using the human face. Rodríguez takes frontal and side-on shots of his subject’s face and then merges them to create a rather creepy composite.

Have a look at Rodríguez’ multidirectional face illusions after the jump.

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Springfield Punx: Pop Culture, Simpsonized

You might recall an earlier post on the Simpsonized characters from the hit TV show, LOST. Springfield Punx is an on-going side project of artist Dean Fraser and it’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at his Simpsonized versions of popular characters from comics, video games, TV, and film. Have a look at Fraser’s newest creations after the jump.

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Lost Characters, Simpsonized

Dean Fraser is an artist with an interesting side project, where he draws all kinds of characters from TV shows and movies as if they were on the Simpsons. In his “Lost Week” series that he started back in May, Fraser drew one Simpsonized Lost character a day, for seven days. Have a look at some of them after the jump.

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The Anatomical Art Of Fernando Vincente

Like Valerio Carrubba, Spanish artist Fernando Vincente also creates macabre illustrations, albeit from a more mechanical perspective.

In his Vanitas series, Vincente combines anatomy and portraiture to capture the classic beauty of his subjects. Have a look at some images below – click to embiggen.

In the Anatomías collection, he dissects the inner-workings of a human being to reveal the machinery hidden underneath. See these images after the jump.