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The Koopa Call to Arms

King Koopa is at his wit’s end. Despite having an almost unlimited supply of Goombas, tanks, naval vessels, and an air force, it seems that ridding the Mushroom Kingdom of a pudgy plumber has proved more difficult than planned. The great Koopa has now turned to the power of advertising to gain more support for his cause.

In a set of emotionally-charged propaganda posters, Bowser asks the question, “The Koopa are fighting. Why aren’t you?” and calls for residents of Mushroom Kingdom to join the great Koopa cause. See the set of posters after the jump.

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Loose Tweets Sink Fleets: Brian Moore’s WWIII Propaganda Posters

If you enjoyed Cliff Chiang’s set of WWII propaganda posters for the Star Wars universe, you make like designer Brian Moore’s latest project. Moore takes propaganda posters created during World War II and modifies them to be more relevant to this day and age.

The old “Loose lips sink ships” poster created by the War Advertising Council warned of “unguarded talk” and Moore’s updated one similarly tells us that a careless tweet can indeed sink a fleet. Moore also warns of the dangers of blogging, and the roles of Reddit and Wikipedia in the war effort. Have a look at his fantastic WWIII propaganda posters after the jump.


Pin-ups and Propaganda

Russian illustrator Valery Barykin combines sexy pin-ups and that of Soviet Union propaganda to create a set of posters that you’d be hard-pressed to ignore.

Barykin uses perky pin-up models to drive home social issues such as how timely vaccination is key to stave off disease, how books make better girlfriends, and how gun-toting farmers shouldn’t scare young ladies disrobing in their wheat fields.

See some of his designs after the jump.

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Star Wars Propaganda Posters

If you liked Silof’s World War II Star Wars action figures (see here), chances are you might just enjoy Cliff Chiang’s latest artwork. The comic book artist also considered Star Wars as if took place in the 1940s and created a set of propaganda posters for the warring sides.

Chiang’s posters were based on the propaganda used at the time including an old war bonds poster, a warning to watching your mouth in front of strangers, and even a rendition of Rosie the Riveter who represented the efforts of women in factories during World War II. Have a look at Chiang’s illustrations after the jump.

Mindlessness Politics Smolitics

No Love For The ANC

Spotted on the streets of Cape Town, and ANC election poster gets the subversive treatment. We’re pretty UPSET about this – upset that we didn’t think of it first!


Peace Propaganda: Drop your Gun, Tuggin’s Fun!

A call to all citizens of the world – join together and masturbate for peace.

Found at TheChive.