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Keeping it Local: E3 Gaming News from SA Blogs

Usually we like to leave gaming news up to our friends at the local gaming blogs… and today is no exception ;-) . If you’re a gamer then your attention should be firmly fixed on the happenings at the annual trade show E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) where video game developers rock up to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

E3 2009 is in full swing from today until June 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center and in our link loving post today we’ll cover some of the E3 news as reported by the South African gaming blogs. Check it:

  • A selection of the most exciting videos shown at E3. Assassin’s Creed 2 is in Venice and Metal Gear Solid: Rising comes to the Xbox 360.
  • Details from Microsoft’s impressive press conference. Good things are afoot.
  • Project Natal is Microsoft’s new motion controller that’s not really a controller at all. Could this dethrone Nintendo in the motion sensing department?
  • See Project Natal in action. Looks fun if a little nerdy and has the potential to cause self-injury.
  • EA release screenshots of Need For Speed: SHIFT. Will this title boost the franchise out of the doldrums?
  • Dante’s Inferno Trailer at E3. “Go to Hell” is an appropriate slogan.
  • PC-killer Crysis sees sequel heading to consoles. Crysis 2 says no consoles to needed be upgraded – hooray!

If you’ve found interesting E3 articles on other local gaming blog, let us know.

[via Lazygamer | el33tonline | CuriousOnion | PS3 Blog]

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inFAMOUS News Roundup

It’s no far stretch of the imagination when I tell you the last time I felt this excited about a console game was when I purchased Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV back in 2008. Those same giddy feelings are back as I anxiously await the release of the Playstation 3 exclusive, inFAMOUS.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, inFAMOUS tells the story of bike messenger Cole who survives a massive explosion in Empire City and develops electricity-based powers. Amidst infected residents, violent gangs, and a city that is decaying under his feet, Cole must get to grips with his new powers and the responsibility that comes with it. He is judged by the deeds that he does, be it good or evil – a Karma system keeps track of this, and in turn influences the growth of Cole’s powers and how the city’s residents react towards him. He can be famous, infamous, or maybe a little of both ;-)

If you’ve not been keeping up with news, then I’ve done a link roundup to keep you updated.

  • inFAMOUS gets relatively favourable reviews – 87% based on 19 reviews. Read them via Metacritic
  • Part 1 of the inFAMOUS comic series tells the story of the events that happen prior to the game. See it a Joystiq (7 pages).
  • See various gameplay videos at GameTrailers.
  • Download inFAMOUS wallpapers for your desktop.
  • Pre-order your copy of inFAMOUS from two of the better local online retailers or Take 2.
  • Thinking of importing? Try newcomers Gamesbasement or CDWOW.
  • Nate Fox and David Meyer from Sucker Punch hosted a live chat yesterday. View the Q&A session at the Playstation Blog.
  • There are 50 inFAMOUS trophies that can be unlocked. See them at Console Monster.

inFAMOUS is slated for release in South Africa on Friday, May 29th. Fingers crossed it gets released that day. I have already purchased tranquilizers and alcohol in case of bad news.

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Video Game Preview: Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation, the fourth installment of the Terminator series, features stars the tantrum-throwing Christian Bale as John Connor as he and his human allies fight against the relentless robot armies of Skynet. This sci-fi post-apocalyptic war film set in 2018 is directed by McG and is slated for release in South Africa on June 5th, 2009. But enough about that, let’s talk the upcoming third-person shooter that will tie-in with the movie release.

Developed by Swedish game studio GRIN, Terminator Salvation will be a cover-based shooter whose story takes places two years prior to the film and shows the rise of John Connor through the soldier ranks to rightful place as the leader of the resistance. In that respect, the game’s story is an interquel (big words I eat them for breakfast!) that fits between Terminator 3 and the forthcoming Terminator Salvation movie.

The fight continues after the jump.

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Competition Reminder: Win Turok or Heavenly Sword!

Just a quick reminder for those who might not be aware – there’s less than a week to go before our latest competition ends. To stand a chance of winning either Heavenly Sword (Platinum) for the Playstation 3 or Turok for the Xbox 360, head on over to our competition post and leave a comment on telling us which game you’d like to win. You can’t be a greedy pig and ask for both, so please choose one or the other.

This competition ends on 20th April 2009, and is only open to South African residents. Terms and conditions apply.

Site Announcements

Game Giveaway: Win Turok or Heavenly Sword!

Note: This competition has ended.

It’s a new month, and time again for a Onelargeprawn competition. Up for grabs in the month of April is Heavenly Sword (Platinum) for the Playstation 3, and Turok for the Xbox 360.

To enter the draw, simply leave a comment on this post telling us which game you’d like to win – Turok or Heavenly Sword. You can’t be a greedy pig and ask for both, so please choose one or the other m’kay ;) Only one entry per person.

This competition will run from 6th April to 20th April 2009, and is only open to South African residents. Terms and conditions apply.

A big thanks to our friend am_nesia at for providing the competition prizes.

Game Reviews

Review: Motorstorm Pacific Rift

Motorstorm Pacific Rift Box ArtThe original Motorstorm was the first game I experienced on the PS3, and I played it to death. The graphics were fantastic, and the gameplay, despite being difficult to master at times, appealed to my inner madman.

Not many other racing games (with the notable exception of Burnout Paradise) have made me feel exhilarated and charged up to win as Motorstorm did, and 20 months later, I’m glad to say that the sequel, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, not only re-awakens the old feelings, but cranks them into overdrive.

Brutal off-road racing is back with a vengeance! In Pacific Rift, the festival has moved from the deep canyons and spires of Monument Valley to a previously unexplored island rich in lush forests, crystal-clear waterfalls, pristine beaches, smoking hot volcano fields, and mist-covered mountain peaks.

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