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Say What? Pogo Takes on Pulp Fiction in “Lead Breakfast”

From Alice to Skynet Symphonic to Pogo Does Dexter, the Australian DJ and remixer, Nick Bertke, has become known for his new compositions made up of sound bites from films.

In his latest piece of music, Bertke turns his attention to Quentin Tarantino’s humourously violent tale, Pulp Fiction. The combination of Pogo, auto-tune, and infamous Tarantino dialogue makes for an equally violent and obscenity-filled song. Watch as Samuel L. Jackson says “What?” in Lead Breakfast (NSFW).

[via Popped Culture]

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Pulp Fiction Supercut Contains Just the Cussing

A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that a documentary entitled “Fuck” holds the record for the most number of F-bombs dropped in a film – that would be staggering 824 fucks in the space of 93 minutes.

While there were only 265 fucks uttered in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, YouTuber user thecussingchannel picked up a total of 429 swear words in the film, and edited them together into a three-minute supercut. I believe I don’t need to mention that the video may be a teensy bit NSFW.

For an extra dose of cussing, plonk this post in the Samuel L. Jacksonizer.

[via Lauren Beukes on Twitter]