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Play This: 2048

Numbers, numbers everywhere. Italian developer Gabriele Cirulli’s numbers game 2048 is becoming a viral sensation. Some go so far as to say it’s the addictive successor to Flappy Bird.

In a concept that is similar to Asher Vollmer’s Threes, 2048 is a game where you need to combine numbers on a 4×4 grid until you unlock the magic tile of 2048. Each move introduces a new number onto a board and while it might be deceptively easy to get started, it’s another thing altogether to reach your goal.

Play 2048 for free at and let us know how you did.

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Game Reviews

We Review: Escape Plan

Escape Plan, one of the PS Vita’s download-only launch titles, is a puzzle platform game that sees you guiding two…things…to safety across a perilous series of levels. We take this game for a gruesomely messy run. Will you make it out of this review alive? Let’s find out.

Flash Games

Play This: Give Up Robot 2

WAKE UP ROBOT!!!! It is time to DAAAANNCEEeeee (again). Give Up Robot 2 is being touted as possibly the best freeware flash game of 2010. In this 8-bit styled puzzle platformer from Adult Swim, you play as a robot who must jump and swing through a series of chambers filled with all manner of colourful things that could kill you. The trippy, epilepsy-inducing visuals are backed by equally stellar music, and some funny commentary along the way.

IndieGames loves it, Bacon and Games thinks it doesn’t suck, and Gamasutra put it on top spot of their best indie games list of 2010. Prove them right (or wrong), check out the 50 brain-melting levels from the original game and then play #2 at Adultswim.

[via Gamasutra]