Arty Weirdness

Quirky Anatomical Posters

In the same vein of cuteness as I Heart Guts, designer Rachel Ignotofsky illustrates the different biological systems that work together to keep the human organism alive.

Have a look at the charming and colourful anthropomorphic organs in Ignotofsky’s Body Systems after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Weirdness

Quirky Stereographic Drawings by Dain Fagerholm

The humble animated GIF is one of the older image formats. First introduced in 1987, there has been a resurgence in the use of animated GIFs in recent years, be it in memes or the more arty cinemagraphs.

Illustrator Dain Fagerholm creates some wonderfully quirky animations that he calls stereographic drawings. By constantly flitting between two images, the animations trick our eyes, giving us the impression that they are in 3D. Using this technique, Fagerholm brings his adorable hand-drawn monsters to life. Have a look at some of them after the jump.

Awesomeness Cartoons & Comics

The Western Nostril

I honestly have no idea how I came about this, but a Google blog search led me to Moral Fibre so they’ll get the hat tip for this one.

The Western Nostril is a home-grown comic strip produced by brothers Alex Latimer and Patrick Latimer. I would tell you more about it but rumour is that a great selection of free fried food is available in our staff canteen, and if you know me, you’ll know that food comes before anything. So I’ll just say The Western Nostril is clever and quirky in both its humour and visual style, and that you should have a look at some of comics after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Hot Chicks on Wolves

It’s Friday and thanks to the headache pills I took earlier, I’m actually in a good mood. It’s sunny in Cape Town, Assassin’s Creed II launches today, and we’re having a vegan for dinner. What could make this day better – the bear cavalry perhaps? No, much better in fact – hot chicks in bikinis, bearing arms, and riding wolves.

“Hot Chicks on Wolves” is a creation of Aled Lewis, a graphic designer from London, England. See the full image and more of his work after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Inspirational Designs

I HEART Jaco Haasbroek

We have featured South African artist Jaco Haasbroek once or twice before, and in his latest project, he takes the popular rebus created by Milton Glaser and has some fun with it. It’s cute, clever, and typically Haasbroek.

Have a look at his “I HEART” series after the jump.

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

Slow Motion Silliness

If your work week has felt a never-ending visit to the proctologist, then this video may just get your day to happy start. It features goofy Japanese people running wildly towards the camera, in slow motion. Man-boob guy, you are awesome!

The song is “Luv (sic) pt. 2” by Japanese hip-hop producer and DJ, Nujabes.

[via Dooby Brain]

Arty Flash Games

A Quirky Adventure With Windosill

Remember the enigmatic puzzler/interactive art piece, Feed The Head? Now from the mind of its creator, Vectorpark (aka Patrick Smith) comes another surreal point-and-click adventure, entitled Windosill.

The story revolves around a little toy car that yearns to journey outside the confinement of its storage shelf. The shadow box is populated with curious object and creatures, and you’ll need to poke around a little to solve each puzzle. The full games costs USD 3.00, but you can play the first half of it online at

[via Lost At E Minor]

Arty Awesomeness

The Art of Jaco Haasbroek

Jaco Haasbroek is a South African artist who loves clean lines, minimalism, and long walks on the beach (I made that last bit up.)

Born in Pretoria, Haasbroek now lives in Cape Town and creates quirky illustrations, often with clever punch lines attached. Have a look at some of them below.

He also makes supremely cute plush toys. Tell him what you’d like and he’ll make one up for you. They’re all hand stitched, and start off at R350 for a standard toy (about 23 cm in height).

More details are available at his Haasbroek Art group on Facebook and check out his work at Flickr.

[via 10and5]