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Matisyahu: One Day & Beatbox Freestyle

I’m a card-carrying member of the “Beards are Awesome” association. That man, Matisyahu, has one too, making him awesome by association. But so much more than that is his music. A friend mentioned him a long time ago, but I forgot. Then I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show, but I forgot. It was only today that Matisyahu popped into the sieve that is my brain and lightened my mood, so I thought I’d post it lest it escapes me again.

Taken from his 2009 studio album, Light, here is the beautiful message that is One Day.

And here is an acoustic version of the song where the bearded wonder does some cool beatboxing.

To check out more from this good-natured Hasidic rap-reggae musician, head to

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

The Notorious MSG: Chinatown Hustler

From the mean streets of New York City comes the story of hustlers, loose women, and piping hot Chinese food. It’s The Notorious MSG mother-suckers, and they’re rivin’ the rife of a Chinatown Hustler.

More about the The Hunan Bomb, Hong Kong Fever, and Down-Lo Mein can be found on their official website. You can also follow the silly rappers on Twitter.

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No Homer: 10 Rap Icons Get Simpson-ized

Urban art mag, Format Magazine, have teamed up with Moxy Creative to create “No Homer”, a quirky collection of hip hop icons who have been given the Simpson-ized makeover.

Thinking back, I’d have to thank hip hop for waking me up to the fascinating world that is thug-life swearing. I had the rudimentary words down pat, but Snoop’s lyrical realism in his ’93 album “Doggystyle” expanded my vocab to the next level. My mother claims I have never been the same since :eek:

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Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy

Frank Sinatra and Notorious B.I.G. together would seem like an unlikely duo considering their styles of music but DJ Cappel and Smitty decided to blend Sinatra’s blues with Big Poppa’s rhymes. The mashups were bundled together into the album aptly titled “Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy.”

Here’s a couple of tracks taken off the album.

Hypnotize / Little Green Apples

Juicy / New York, New York

10 Crack Commandments / Fools Rush In

What did you think – did you find this quite awesome or a bit of a perversion? Or were you totally indifferent? Drop us a comment.

Awesomeness Music Video Clips

‘Hammer Pants’ Flash Mob

It’s Hammer time, flash mob style. As part of a promo for an upcoming documentary on the rapper made famous by his sparkly pants, a flash mob pulled off a well orchestrated MC Hammer dance, gold pants and all. Check it out below or watch it in HD at YouTube.

Apparently this flash mob lark goes on in South Africa as well, but it’s limited to throwing fruit at each other or just falling asleep as a certain spot, hardly exciting stuff. If a flash mob were to stone a Police station, that may pique my interest. But you didn’t get the idea from me, I am in no way responsible for the rubber bullets that become lodged up your ass as you beat a hasty retreat from the fuzz. Oh wait, I’m getting riot and flash mob confused. My bad.

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Eminem’s Comeback Single: We Made You

“We Made You” is a hilariously offensive new single from that man Eminem. Having been away from the spotlight for some time (I’m too lazy to google it), his comeback plans seems to include attacking celebrities like bootylicious Kim Kardashian, a portly Jessica Simpson, on-and-off lesbian Lindsay Lohan, and even former US vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. There’s a fair amount of filthy innuendo thrown in as well.

Produced by Dr Dre, “We Made You” is the debut track off Eminem’s upcoming album Relapse. Enjoy.

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