Wu Tang vs The Beatles

British music producer Tom Caruana at Tea Sea Records has combined a cappella tracks from Wu Tang and samples from The Beatles songs into an epic mashup album entitled Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers.

I’m not sure how legal this is, but hell, it’s Friday, so we can throw caution to the fokken wind. Download the remix album for free at – you’ll need to register on the site (it’s free to join) before getting a link to the album, which is around 190 160 MB. I’ll get this from home, but if you’ve used your work bandwidth to get a hold of it, let us know what it’s like.

[via Wezzo]

Arty Movies Music Video Clips

“Alice” by Fagottron

Created by Youtube user Fagottron, “Alice” is a song almost exclusively made using samples from Disney’s Alice In Wonderland. It’s trippy.

Click Play or go to YouTube.

Entertainment Mindlessness Music Video Clips

Going Bale-istic: The Dance Remix

A few days ago, the Interwebs was awash with an audio clip of Terminator Salvation star and all-round big baby Christian Bale completely throwing his toys when a director of photography accidentally walked through his scene, and ruined his take.

You can listen to Bale’s foul-mouthed tirade below.

Much more entertaining is DJ REVOLucian’s thumping dance remix of the now infamous rant. Check it out.

Source – Thanks MAVADO!