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Remixes That I Used to Know

Feeling so happy you could die? Singer-songwriter and Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used to Know” is a rather depressing yet catchy tune.

The song has been fodder for other artists and the number of remixes and covers have been on the rise. The most popular cover (by YouTube views) has been orchestrated by Canadian indie band, Walk off the Earth, where the five band members simultaneously play the song using a single guitar. With her cover, Ingrid Michaelson provided the vocals and played all her own instruments, and in his version, Junior Blender adds a touch of reggae to the mix. Have a listen to these covers after the jump.

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Epic “Game of Thrones” Cover Mashup

Fans of HBO’s Game of Thrones will have to wait until April 2012 to return to the Seven Kingdoms. To stave off the withdrawal symptoms, several people have taken to making creative covers of the series’ opening theme song composed by Ramin Djawadi.

You may remember Roger Lima as he banged out a rock cover on his guitars and drum kit. You may also recall Jason Yang, who used an acoustic and electric violin, and layered the 13 different tracks to create the most delightful cover I’ve heard. These two versions are wonderful on their own but in his mashup, Youtube user paolody wanted to find out what it would sound like if Lima and Yang collaborated on a truly epic Game of Thrones cover. Are the results doubly awesome? Find out below.

Hit the jump to see the individual video that went into this mashup.

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The Symphony of Science: Ode to the Brain

Headed up by composer/video producer John Boswell, the Symphony of Science is a musical project that aims to teach the fundamentals of science through an interesting channel – that of music.

Video clips featuring renowned scientists such as Robert Winston, Bill Nye, and Carl Sagan are combined with the goodness of Auto-Tune to create rather unique and illuminating science music videos. This educational series saw its ninth episode just released and it waxes lyrical about the very centre of our nervous system. Check out Ode to the Brain below.

And hit the jump to find more songs of science.

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Everything is a Remix

In his series of videos entitled Everything is a Remix, Vimeo user Kirby Ferguson takes an interesting look at what a remix is, when it started, how it has pervaded every form or art, and where it’s headed. It’s due to be a four-part series with the first exploring the nature of covers, knock-offs, and sampling in music. His second short film was released last week and explores the use of existing material in the production of films. It’s very enlightening, see the two videos below.

See more information about Ferguson’s project including the references and samples used in the series at Everything is a Remix and follow him on Twitter.

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