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Man Builds Palm-Mounted Laser Weapon

Zounds! If you ever were to meet Patrick Priebe, you should hope he never pulls the old “Speak to the hand” trick, for concealed in his palm is a portable laser weapon! The Iron Man fanatic who reportedly watches the films each week of the year has created a working version of the repulsor beam that the super hero Tony Stark built.

Priebe’s device is powered by lithium-ion batteries and has the power of a 1,000 milliwatts, which, according to science, is capable of blinding anyone who happens to look into the light, unless they’re wearing safety glasses. It can also set fire to matches. See his laser glove in action below.

He has also fabricated a portable pulse laser gun that weighs 850 grams that fires up to 50 shots on a set of fully-charged lithium-ion batteries. The device took him over 70 hours to build and is capable of piercing thin sheets of metal and burning through plastic. See a video of that after the jump.