Musebin, For Tiny Album Reviews

My ADD-riddled brain muscle doesn’t really have the capacity to read through the thousands of words that make up a Rolling Stone album review. What I need is a quick consensus, a 1-liner, to-the-point, no beating around the bush, long-story-short.

That’s where Musebin comes in. Like Twitter, it limits each album review to a single, 140-character line. And like Reddit, it allows users to rate those reviews up or down using Yea or Nay buttons.

Check it out at

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My Blu-ray Reviews

Whilst you’ve been fast sleep  dreaming about girls, food, and global domination, my under-paid copy/paste elves have been working non-stop to transfer blu-ray reviews from my old blog  to their new home here at the onelargeprawn blog. The beatings were severe,  morale was low, but the elves persevered and got the job half done.

So without further ado, click MY MOVIE REVIEWS from the top menu, or click a movie from the list below to go straight to it’s Blu-ray review: