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A Rocking Cover of The “Game of Thrones” Theme Song

Serfs all over the world are in love with the medieval fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones. HBO’s adaptation of the first a series of books by George R.R. Martin has been picked up for a second season a mere two days after the first episode was aired. It clearly has some strong production values and they’re visible right from its creative opening credits.

Roger Lima, a freelance sound designer, has created a wonderful rock cover to the Game of Thrones’ theme song. The video shows Lima hammering out the tune with his guitars and drum kit. Check it out below.

If you’d like to have the MP3, download it from Lima’s website.

[via TheKervynator on Twitter]

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City Bowl Mizers: Cancun

I’m waiting to be picked up. Nothing sleazy mind you, I’ve got no goods to offer. Whilst I sit patiently for my ride to arrive, I stumbled upon the City Bowl Mizers.

Let’s call it November ‘04, when the Mizers first made the conscious decision to pick up guitars, write some catchy songs, tan, get haircuts, perfect dance moves, buy sweet shoes, – just look good, in general – and use the aforementioned tools to encourage the music loving youth of today to move their feet and turn their frowns.

In the video for their single “Cancun”, the Durbanites are having a sugar-high, poolside partay. The catchy sound totally put a smile on my face. Check it out below.

Catch up with the fun-loving City Bowl Mizers on their MySpace page.

[via Speakerbox]