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Great Emotions: A Thrilling Musical Roller Coaster

This wonderful visualization takes the sheet music from a symphony by German composer Ferdinand Ries and turns it into a thrilling theme park ride.

Keeping in tune with the first violin of symphony No. 2, 4th movement by Ries, the musical roller coaster starts slowly, reaches its zenith, and then plummets into a whirlwind of turns, rises, and dips. Check it out below.

The visualization was created by German animation studio Virtual Republic.

[via @Stephenfry]

Flash Games

Play This: Epic Coaster

If you’ve played Canabalt and Robot Unicorn Attack, you might just get a kick out of Epic Coaster. In this one-button platform game, you need to navigate your roller coaster from track to track and timing your jumps perfectly results rewards you not only with multipliers to your score, but also releases pretty shiny balloons into the sky. Joy!

There is even a nod to Adam Atomic’s parkour-inspired title – you get the “Canabalt Homage” achievement for scaring the birds. There are 80 achievements in total to unlock.

See if you can survive the most epic roller coaster ride and post back with your score.

[via The Awesomer]