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We Review: White Knight Chronicles 2

Level 5 has released the latest game in their White Knight Chronicles JRPG series, and Level 5’s well-paid marketing department have sat many long, coffee-laden hours to bestow upon it the creative name of White Knight Chronicles 2. I have always been a fan of JRPG games, because the driver behind the game is the story, not the character. Because WKC2 is a direct sequel to WKC1 (unlike some JRPG games **cough** Final Fantasy **cough**), Level 5 thought it a good idea to also include WKC1 on the same disc. In the same breath, they addressed many of the issues that fans had with the first game, so you can almost call the version that ships on-disc White Knight Chronicles 1: Remastered. Is it worth playing, however? Let me answer that question for you, after the jump.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – First Gameplay Footage

I’ve been looking forward to today for quite some time. Why? Because Bethesda Game Studios has released a brand new trailer for the latest in their line of Elder Scrolls of games, that of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

As a long-time fan of Elder Scrolls, this news came as a very pleasant surprise. I’ve waited for what seems like an eternity for the next game in this engrossing series to be released, and finally, it was announced that Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would be released on 11.11.11. To add to the excitement, Bethesda has released the first ever gameplay footage of Skyrim. Words cannot do this video justice, so I will leave you to watch it below.

I am hugely excited about this! Are you?

[via Joystiq]

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Dot Dot Dot

In 2009, a flash games called Super PSTW Action RPG was released on the popular entertainment portal, Newgrounds. This rather crudely animated piece solely used the space bar for interaction. Some people especially liked that, others did not. Axman13 was one of those people and summoned all of this fury into writing a review wrought with so many errors that the Grammar Police would have issued him a life sentence for his crimes.

i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now.
this game is so esey. i mean, all you do is hit the spacebar. thats it! how is this an RPG anyway? you cant contrail anything but what it says on the screen! what if i didnt want to buy the potion? what apout quests? all you can upgrade is stranth? there is no way you can lose to the boss at the end! this game is crap! its not even an RPG at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be an RPG if you can do quests and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies! is it supposed to be stick dudes? i dont even know how this damn game got the daily 3rd prize, or a rating of 4.26!
pepole think this review is worthles.
go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here!
blam this piece of crap!!!!

P.S the only reson im giving this a 1 is beacuase the voices where pretty good. but thats it!

Rather than deride axman13 on his poor sentence formation, a fellow Newgrounds user by the name of D-Mac-Double created a DRAMATIC voice track for Axman13’s words. And almost a year later, another Newgrounds user, RicePirate, has created an epic typographical version of the narration of the badly-written review. It’s called Dot Dot Dot, check it out below or see the high quality version at Newgrounds.

[via Boing Boing]

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We Review: Fable III

It should come as very little surprise to anyone that Lionhead Studios’ Fable 3 is the sequel to the hit game, Fable 2. It should also come as very little to no surprise that, like its predecessor, the game is an action RPG set in the land of Albion, a place filled with high adventure that’s beyond compare, magic and mystery that’s part of its history, and copious quantities of gummiberry juice potions. Find out whether this game bounces here and there and everywhere after the…jump.

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We Review: Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls is, at a very bare-bones level, an epic fantasy RPG with a tongue twister in its name. That description is also about as apt as calling the Internet a “series of tubes”: you’re missing a lot of subtle nuances, nuisances, and other wonderful, shaggy things that begin with the letter “n”. Calling Demon’s Souls “very difficult” doesn’t quite describe the game aptly, either. Nor does calling it “the hardest game you’ll likely play in a long while”. “Brutal”, perhaps. “Punishingly unforgiving”, almost certainly. But at no point is this game “unplayable”. Not by any stretch of the term. Either way, most gamers today are gutless pussies, and this game eats a bowlful of them every morning for breakfast. Without sugar. And with white-hot lava instead of milk. And it hates every mouthful of gutlessness, hoping for a gamer of some substance to come along and give it a chewy challenge for once. Someone that will make it spit you out in disgust because you’ve defied all its attempts to swallow you down and drown you with antacids. Is it you? Are you gamer enough? Will you rise to this challenge? Find out after the jump.

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Echo Bazaar: Come to Fallen London

Fellow dude and resident office geek, Fayyaad, is playing Echo Bazaar, a web-browser game that combines elements from RPGs and social networking with a great dollop of Victorian England aesthetic.

Created by Failbetter Games, Echo Bazaar is set in steampunk Fallen London and you play as a new visitor trying to seek your fortune in this dark, foreboding world. You get a limited number of actions that you can perform on a given day, and these actions enable you to wander Fallen London, get up to mischief, or take on quests. Performing such actions have effects on your character qualities. Unluckily you being at New Newgate Prison, a jail carved into the body of an immense stalactite – it’s supposedly escape-proof. To get your adventure started, log on to Echo Bazaar using your Twitter account. If you don’t have one, simply sign up for an account.

I’m not the biggest fan of RPGs so it’s taking me a while to get into it, and if you find yourself a little overwhelmed, this wiki page might be of help. If your friends are on Twitter and playing it as well, you can keep up with their progress. To see how horribly I’m getting on, follow onelargeprawn on Twitter. Other resident blogger Lucy Furr is also touring Fallen London.

Oh, keep in mind that Echo Bazaar is still in beta so it could be a bit buggy.

[thanks for the tip, Fayyaad]

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MyBrute: Fight Me!

Fellow gamer Aftershock9 turned me onto this little gem. MyBrute is a super-cool Flash game that takes up 5 minutes of your day. The way it works is you create a character and fight another person’s character in an arena. You can’t control what your fighter does, their actions are random, and if you happen to choose one with a weapon, they’ll use it to their advantage. So sit back and watch as the fight unfolds.

When you create your fighter, you are allowed 6 initial fights, after which there seems to be a 3-fight cap per day. You can join a clan and if you’ve reached level 10,  you can create your own clan.

You can also challenge friends by typing their name in the arena or visiting their fighter’s profile. You can duke it out with my scrappy fighter at

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Eyemaze: Having Fun With The Grow Series

From Japan with love. Eyemaze the masters of casual amazement are famous for their quirky Grow series of games. It starts off with a simple idea. You need to pick seemingly arbitrary objects one-by-one and watch them grow towards a goal. The order in which you click the objects determines the outcome of the game as there is only one correct order that will create the most quirkiest, delightful (and complete) contraption. If you don’t get the order right, you’ll still get a fun, but different animation.

Click the links below to play the games at Eyemaze.

Grow Tower

Grow Cube

Grow Island

Grow Ornament

Grow RPG

Grow ver.3 (Remake)

Grow ver.2

Grow ver.1

The solutions to the games can be found after the jump.