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In her “COMPLEXITY GRAPHICS” series, Russian designer Tatiana Plakhova uses Adobe Illustrator to draw up some amazing geometric forms. The combination of these repeating patterns and shapes seem to create something that looks altogether organic, from the depths of a very strange ocean.

Have a look at her creations after the jump.

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Tetris Against The Odds

In his “Let the Game Continue” design, threadless user Eduardo San Gil shows how Tetris blocks are created. It might look a little gruesome but at least it involves recycling. Another theory has just been revealed, this time from Russia. It is entitled “Тетрис против контры” or “Tetris against the odds” according to Google Translate. Check it out below and let us know what you think about the ending.

Epic sound effects right there! See more videos of this type on LAGGER131313‘s YouTube channel.

[via Miss Cellania]

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The Russians Have Hitler’s Skull. Or Do They?

This came out from a comment left on our Nazis in Colour post about Hitler dying in Brazil as a big drug dealer.

Given that my only knowledge of Hitler’s death comes from Wikipedia, I accepted the general notion that he topped himself with his Walther PPK in the Führerbunker on April 30th, 1945. However, after a second of Googling, an interesting article turned up.

A year after Hitler’s death, fragments of his skull fragments dug up by Russian forces, and ABC News reports that recently a US archaeologist by the name of Nick Bellantoni visited Moscow to work on those very fragments. He returned to the United States with a sample from the skull and a sample of blood from the sofa on which Hitler is said to have committed suicide.

hitler_skullAfter doing some complex DNA tests on the bone sample, Bellantoni concluded that the it wasn’t as robust as a male bone tends to be, and that it corresponded to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40. This startling discovery has been refuted by Vasily Khristoforov, the director of Russia’s FSB intelligence service archives who insists bones are definitely Hitler’s; the vice president of the Russian state archive, Vladimir Kozlov, however is not so sure, saying “No one claimed that was Hitler’s skull.”

Did the Führer pull a fast one and escape death? Read the full article and let us know what you think.

Oh, and in other news, reports that terrorist extraordinaire Osama bin Laden has been found in KwaZulu-Natal’s upmarket Umhlanga neighbourhood, posing as a woman. Read that article.


Living Room PC Case Mod is Tiny, Cozy

The only customization I did on my PC was asking for the case, monitor and other bits to be black. I’d show you a picture of it, but I’m afraid the sheer blackness of it may cause you to soil yourself. Instead, have a look at this rather unique case mod, where a hobbyist has created a cozy, inviting living room inside the PC.

The Living Room PC comes with a three-seater sofa, an armchair, a pot plant, a and little lamp that plugs into one of the PC’s power circuits. The bottle of Coca Cola and a copy of the New York Times paper adds the extra touch. The furniture is so intricate, the maker must have the patience of a saint (or a serial killer).

Have a look at the images after the jump.

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Listening in at a Russian Exorcism

Lucy Furr brought topic of exorcism up at the dinner table. I would have given her my patented “WTF?” look but my face was happily buried in my food. She talked about listening to a recording of a russian exorcism and the horrific sounds that came with it. With my interest piqued, a quick google revealed the clip at Paranormal Phenomena.

In May 1st 2004, Eugene Safronov, an assistant to one of the exorcists in the Russian Orthodox Church, made a chilling recording of an actual exorcism that he bore witness to. A 16-year old girl is being held down in a chair by her mother whilst a priest stands over her reading the rite of exorcism. As he proceeds, the girl starts to struggle as if the priest’s words are burning her.

The girl struggles violently, her groans becoming inhuman howls and deep, guttural moans of psychological pain. Then she lashes out at the priest, and in a voice that seems not to be her own, spits words of defiance.

Toward the end of the recording, the girl, with an unearthly voice, shouts something in Russian at the priest. The translation, Eugene says, is, “I am not leaving her! I am not!”

Click play to listen to the extraordinary recording. WARNING: If you are easily upset or have a nervous disposition this may lead to a pants-shitting experience. I was fine as I had done a poo earlier.

That was pretty freaky. I’m off to my happy place now.

BONUS: Listverse goes through the top 10 most incredible recordings from the only recorded true castrato, to Florence Nightingale, to the last 30 minutes of the Jonestown massacre.

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Birthday Girls & Boys – 11th January

Happy Birthday Heskey
Happy Birthday Heskey

Good Morning and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all wonderful Readers born on the 11th January.

Also born on the 11th of January are:
1503 – Parmigianino, Italian artist
1757 – Samuel Bentham, English mechanical engineer and designer of the first arched iron-built bridge over the Thames. He also designer many novel items such as an amphibious vessels for Russia’s infamous Tsarina Catherine the Great.
1895 – Laurens Hammond, American inventor of the Hammond organ
1901 – Kwon Ki-ok, was the first Korean female aviator, as well as being the first female pilot in China.
1903 – Alan Paton, South African liberal political activist and author of the acclaimed novel Cry the Beloved Country.
1921 – Gory Guerrero, professional wrestler and father of the more famous and now deceased Eddie.
1942 – Clarence Clemons, American musician best known as the saxophonist in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.
1971 – Mary J. Blige, American singer
1972 – Amanda Peet, American actress
1978 – Emile Heskey, English footballer
1981 – Jamelia, English singer

Thanks for the info Wikipedia.

Let me know if you’d like me to add a friend, family member or little ol’ you to our daily birthday lists of (famous) people. Mail me names, years of birth, and what makes you or them famous.