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It Will Be Fun, They Said

What looks like a fun music video takes an unexpected turn when some school goers decide to cut class and spend the glorious day frolicking on the beach. A boy and girl hope to turn their canoodling to coitus in the dunes, but are interrupted in a most disturbing way. See what happens below, but be warned the content is rather graphic.

This PSA was supposedly created for the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia.

Speaking of dumb ways to die, have a look at another of Australia’s unforgettable PSAs.

[via SA Gamer]

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How Not to Pick a Fight

As we’ve seen before gang fights can be epic. And it seems kids can be just as vicious. In this clip, a bully picks a fight with another kid and gets taken to school, WWE-style.

After this bit of street justice, the Herald Sun reports that both kids were suspended from school for four days. Do you think the victim used a little too much force to protect himself, or do you think the tiny tormentor got what he deserved?

[via PS3ZA]

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John Cleese: The Headmaster

It’s safe to say if you don’t know who John Cleese is, you’ve missed out on some of the best British comedy of our time. From his time with the oddball Pythons to his role as the marvelously rude hotel owner in Faulty Towers, Cleese (turning 71 this year) has really been consummately funny in everything he does, even in his podcasts. See the latest one below – it’s #34 and entitled An Audience with The Headmaster.

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