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ROSA: A Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Short

Created by Spanish comic book artist Jesús Orellana, ROSA is a beautifully animated sci-fi short film that is set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. A female cyborg named Rosa has been awakened from statis and she starts exploring the bleak and empty world. She is not alone, however, as she is almost immediately set upon by a pair of assassins. Watch her fight for survival in ROSA below.

Wasn’t that amazing? It’s also extraordinary to note that Orellana taught himself how to use the required computers programs and made ROSA all by himself, with next to no budget. The whole process took a year to complete. It has been shown at various film festivals and there is talk that ROSA could be made into a live-action feature film. See more about the short film on its website.

[via Wired]

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Insane Office Escape!

Shot from the first person perspective (the cool kids call it FPS), Insane Office Escape video tells story of a gentleman who turns from humdrum office worker to lethal combatant. The mystery man retrieves a special package from a safe and needs to escape an office full of co-workers who want to do him serious harm. It’s judo chops, flying kicks, and attacks with “slippery floor” signs in this adrenaline-pumping escape sequence. Check it out below.

Insane Office Escape is actually the music video for The Stampede by Biting Elbows.

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Sci-Fi Ikea Manuals

CollegeHumour parodies a popular maker of ready-to-assemble furniture in their series of DIY manuals. In addition to the to Ikea beds, tables, and shelves, College Humour creates instructions for putting together some rather interesting products that we truly wish were real. Hit the jump to see the Ikea manuals for the DJILORIANN, LITSABBUR, TJARDIIS, and DINDASUR.

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This Year’s Blockbuster Movie Posters Done in LEGO

As the southern hemisphere descends into a damp dark depression that is winter, Hollywood is preparing for the season full of bots, bikinis, and the phenomenon that is Johnny Depp.

To celebrate the number of sequels and comic book adaptations headed our way in the coming months, NextMovie commissioned a series of posters for this year’s biggest summer movies, where all the main actors have been replaced by their more cute LEGO forms. See them after the jump.

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Sucker Punch: The Trenches

Zack Synder’s steampunk sci-fi flick, Sucker Punch, will see an imminent release in many major countries except South Africa (we see an April 8th release). And this harrowing short may help pass the time as we count the 23 days it will take to arrive at our local cinemas.

Created by Ben Hibon, the story tells the tale of a WWII soldier from his death to his re-animation as one of the Helghan-esque zombies that the Sucker Punch team will have to mangle and mutilate on their road to freedom. The short explores the sense of loss during the soldier’s untimely transformation. Check out The Trenches below.

[via The Escapist]

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We Review: Killzone 3

I should probably tell you something. It may repulse you and you may give no credence to this review after knowing it, but you should know. I’m not the biggest fan of the FPS genre. I’ve played Mirror’s Edge, Bioshock, and Singularity but never got the whole obsession with COD or Battlefield. It may or may not shock you then that I have never teabagged anyone. Considering that action is so synonymous with FPS, I may as well be considered a noob, perhaps even a nublet to some. The over-the-shoulder adventure titles and third-person shooters are what I’m used to but recently I’ve had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and into the killzone. My experience continues after the jump.


Six Sexy Sucker Punch Posters

Sucker Punch is the first movie Zack Synder has worked on that is not based on existing material. Set in 1950s, Synder’s steampunk sci-fi flick follows the story of Baby Doll (Emily Browning) who has been imprisoned in a mental institution by her villainous stepfather. With a lobotomy scheduled in five days, Baby Doll imagines an alternative reality where she needs to steal five objects to escape captivity.

Fresh from Comic-Con comes a set of delectable posters for Sucker Punch complete with school girl outfits, bust-enhancing corsets, fishnets, guns, and mecha. We’re sold already. Check out the sexy posters after the jump.

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Subconscious Security is Serious Business

The first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film Inception merely told us it was a sci-fi mystery set within the architecture of the mind (see it here). It was painfully vague yet so very tantalizing. The newest trailer dropped this past weekend and gives a better look into the life of Dom Cobb, a corporate spy who nicks secrets from deep within the subconscious of his victims. The thief has lost things dear to him but has a chance at redemption with one last, almost impossible job.

Inception is written and directed by Christopher Nolan and has a first-rate cast including Leonardo Dicaprio, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Ellen Page. The accompanying poster looks good as well, with a M.C. Escher look about it.

Inception is due out in the U.S. on July 16th, and will air in South Africa at the end of July. It will not be in 3D. It’s certainly the movie I’m most looking forward to this year. What’s yours?

UPDATE (May 26th): Here’s a preview of the international trailer that was aired on a Japanese television station during an interview with Ken Watanabe. The new footage starts at the 39-second mark.

[via io9 | Screenrant | den of geek]

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The “Future X-Cops” Trailer is Absurdly Awesome

Fans of godawful Asian cinema may like this. Andy Lau is Hong Kong’s most commercially successful film actor, having appeared in over a 100 films. I watched just four of them – Infernal Affairs I, II, and III (these were remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed), and The House of Flying Daggers.

And in Future X-Cops, Lau plays a cop from 2085 who travels back in time to thwart a corporation’s plan to eliminate a scientist who has created a new technology to break up the monopoly on energy resources. Seems like a humdrum plot doesn’t it? What could possibly improve it – perhaps an enemy who arm is made entirely of robotic snakes? Or maybe a baddie that has bullet-proof bat wings? Oh yes, and what about some super-cop cyborg armour? Dude, totally.

I don’t understand a word of Chinese, but I do speak the language of awesome, and the Future X-Cops trailer has left me speechless. It’s absurd, I love it!

The $20 million movie is directed by Jing Wong and will apparently release on February 25th. I doubt this will make it to South African cinemas though.

[via I Watch Stuff]

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OFFLINE: A Gritty Sci-Fi Short by Matthew Santoro

It’s not been the best week. Aside from my PS3 refusing to read discs, I also had to replace two tyres on the car. We’ve also had, and to some extent are still experiencing DNS issues with the blog – some of our visitors are being greeted with the dreaded “Account Suspended” page, and if you visit via RSS, it seems our feed is broken as well. Please accept our apologies, but ultimately it’s out of our hands. Our ISP seems to have updated its DNS (finally!) but you may have to wait til yours gets its act together.

And now after that terrible intro, have a look at this trailer for a short film by Matthew Santoro, a senior visual effects artist whose work can be seen in big budget flicks such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine, 300, and The Incredible Hulk.

With virtually no budget, Santoro’s short film, O F F L I N E, is basically a one-man production and took almost two years to make. Santoro directed, edit, animated, and composed the film; he even built the costumes and props, and his actors doubled as crew. The trailer is 3 minutes of sheer sci-fi awesomeness. Check it out.

Santoro is currently in talks to create a feature length film based in the same world.

[via MotionGrapher]