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We Review: Dystoria

There’s a huge gap between games that look retro and play retro, and games that are faux-retro but play like something modern. Dystoria falls into the latter category, and is a 1st person/3rd person action shooter from developers Tri-Coastal Games. Let’s get our 80s synthwave music going and I’ll meet you at the spaceship for a briefing.

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Oh my. I don’t know where to begin, so I’m going to toss out some things at you:

Armpit katana | ass sword | face chainsaw | acidic lactation | bust machine gun | geisha tank transform | geisha missile | shrimp dagger

If you think any of these make good ingredients for a movie, then you’re going to love Noboru Iguchi’s scifi/horror/comedy flick RoboGeisha about a bunch of beautiful fembots that can kill you dead with an assortment of “interesting” weapons. The trailer is totally outrageous, hilarious, grotesque, and bizarre – see it below [probably NSFW].

What did you think – is it made of awesome or predictably Japanese? Drop us a comment.

[via Asylum]