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Cookie Monster Want it (But Him Wait)

When Sesame Street’s googly-eyed and lovable oaf Cookie Monster wants a cookie, he usually gets his cookie. However in this little nugget of edutainment, he reins in his obsession to teach us a valuable lesson on self-restraint. Sung to the theme of Icona Pop’s I Love It, watch Cookie Monster in Me Want It (But Me Wait).

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Tune for Two

In a frozen part of the world, a man is dragged through the snow. His vision is blurry but he sees someone digging a grave. He expects the inevitable as his killer points a gun at the back of his head, but the execution takes an unexpected turn when the man says his last words. Have a look at Tune for Two below.

Tune for Two was created by alfa primo.

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Cookie Monster’s Famous Cookie Recipe

Aside from the numbers fetishist Count von Count, the Cookie Monster is one of my favourite Sesame Street characters. While the googly-eyed monster has eaten his way through a VW Beetle, the moon, a safe, pink rubber balls, an Xbox 360, and foam letters that spelled out the word “FOOD”, he is widely known for his love of cookies. Not only does he nom them, it turns out that he is an accomplished baker of cookies too.

Taken from Big Bird’s Busy Book from the 70s, an activity book from the 70s, the Cookie Monster gives readers step-by-step instructions on how to make his most beloved sugar cookie. Have a look at his famous cookie dough recipe after the jump.

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F’ing Awesome: The Count, Censored

Remember Count von Count from Sesame Street who had a love of counting and would count anything and everything? Crafty YouTube user CanonD265 has perverted the count’s theme song in a really ingenious way. It’s ****ing hilarious – check it out.

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