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Dvorák’s Symphony No. 9 Gets a Sexy Music Video

Antonín Dvorák must be turning in his grave. In an attempt to give classical music the same recognition as pop and rock, the folk over at B-Classic mash together timeless symphonies with twerking modern-day interpretative dance. The first of such Classical Comebacks is a music video featuring the girls from South Korea pop-dance outfit Waveya as they bump and grind to the fourth movement of Dvorák’s Symphony No. 9. Be amused and/or flabbergasted at the video below.

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Arty Awesomeness Featured

Apocalypse Tomorrow: A Pin-up Calendar fit for a Cataclysm

Illustrator Andrew Tarusov imagines that our world that has undergone a cataclysmic event and has designed a sexy pin-up calendar as a pick-me-up for the hard times. Each month of the calendar features a different type of apocalypse and pretty lass suitably (un)dressed for the occasion.

Check out Apocalypse Tomorrow after the jump, be warned some months may be NSFW.

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He-Man: Sexy and I Know it!

He-Man is sex on legs. He knows it, and now you do too. Watch as he shows you the passion in his pants as he dances to LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It.

Nailed it!

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Entertainment TV Video Clips

Gordon Ramsay on how to Treat a Lady

First it was Nigella Lawson being all tarty in the kitchen, and now it’s the turn of celebrity chef and potty mouth Gordon Ramsay to get the 80gumdrops treatment.

The industrious YouTube user creatively edited clips from one of Ramsay’s cooking shows to make Gordon Talks Dirty, where the chef talks about the intricacies of making love to the ladies. Ramsay provides many tips, including having a go with three fingers, shocker!

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Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Video Clips

Nigella Talks Dirty

Oh my, this so scrumptiously rude! YouTube user 80gumdrops edited various clips from Nigella Lawson’s 2006 television series, Nigella Feasts, into a rather decadent monologue where the queen of tarts tells us some of her culinary fantasies. Be warned, there is some heady innuendo in the mix here, so it’s possibly NSFW.

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Playboy’s Titillating Tribute to Tron

I know, it was the Tron bit that brought you here wasn’t it? It’s like how I buy Playboy magazine for the impeccably-worded discourse. Speaking of the gentleman’s magazine, you may enjoy this little clip. Playmates Irina Voronina (the blonde I believe) and Sasckya Porto participate in Playboy’s rather risque tribute to the goodness of Tron. It comes complete with light cycles, neon lights, and smatterings of nudity. Check it out below.

Playboy has also produced some images to accompany their video, have a gawk at those after the jump. I’ve kindly obscured the naughty bits with dainty prawns so you won’t get into trouble if you’re viewing this at work. How nice am I?

Arty Weirdness

Disney Princes Gone Wild

We’re all for equal opportunity here at Onelargeprawn. You’ve seen Disney Princess looking a tad macabre and taken a trip to the sexy side of fairy tales.

Now it is time for the lads to get a little…undressed. Artist David Kawena takes a look at Disney Princes like we’ve never seen them before (or perhaps never wanted to). Aladdin, Hercules, and Prince Naveen to mention a few are set to go on a homoerotic adventure and are dressed the part – topless and displaying their bulging man bits in boxer briefs and jockstraps (top tip: do not google jockstraps). Will Turner looks especially comely in a frilly renaissance number.

See some of Kawena’s Disney Princes after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Robert Downey, Jr: The Pinup Girl

If you ever dream about seeing a union of Robert Downey, Jr and a vintage pinup, you should probably dream a little better. However, this is the Internet and someone out there will be more than happy to make your dreams come true. For funsies, Tumblr user see-globes has used the power of Photoshop to marry the head of People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive (2009) and the bodies of old-fashioned calendar girls. Unsurprisingly, the results are hilarious.

See Robert Downey, Jr, the pinup girl after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness

Quaint Vintage Pinups by Enoch Bolles

Enoch Bolles was an Art Deco era illustrator best known for his pin-up cover art for the movie magazine, FILM FUN. The magazine didn’t take itself very seriously and initially had comedians on its covers, but from 1923 Bolles was painting sexy, fun-loving, voluptuous pin-up girls in different states of undress, much to the joy of the male readership I’m sure. By 1943 when the magazine fell foul of the Postmaster General’s campaign against “salacious” material, Bolles has painted 200 covers for FILM FUN.

By today’s standards Bolles’ provocative pin-up are pretty tame. They’re quite quaint actually, have a look at some of them after jump. Depending on the tolerance of your coworkers, the covers may be NFSW.

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