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Tag: Shmups

We Review: Blue Rider

Ah, good old bullet hell games. They evolved from more standard shmup games back in the 1990s, and players have been dodging bullets ever since. Most of these games are either side or top scroll, but now we have a bullet hell game with full 360 degree movement and a world to explore. Enter Blue Rider, a twin-stick bullet hell shooter that will test your reflexes and your patience.

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We Review: Beat Da Beat

Rhythm games and shmups! Who could want for a more unlikely mix of game genres? Well, Russian game developer Nekki has you covered in Beat da Beat, a retro-style game appearing on PC for the first time after seeing successful releases on iOS and Android. Since I never played it on smart device, this is my first experience with the game. Let’s see if I can be a slave to the rhythm.

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We Review: Titan Attacks

Space Invaders was released in video arcades to an unsuspecting world in 1978, and remains to this day one of the most iconic symbols of video gaming. It was followed shortly thereafter by Galaxian and Galaga, and these games set the mould for the “aliens attacking in formation” style of shoot-em-up (or shmup for short). Titan Attacks is a game in that vein, but with a slightly more modern spin on it. I take on the alien hordes in my tank, and risk certain death by incoming alien. Read more