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We Review: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog hardly needs no introduction to the PS3 gamer. The much-loved creators of the Uncharted franchise has been thrilling audiences with the derring-do antics of Nathan Drake since 2007. To date, the Uncharted franchise has sold over 13 million copies and Naughty Dog has garnered a number of accolades, including over 200 “Game of the Year” awards for 2009’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Four years later, and Naughty Dog is back in the spotlight, but this time Nathan Drake isn’t laying waste to the population of a small country. The Last of Us is a new IP that takes us in a different direction, to a much darker time and place. With Naughty Dog’s track record, there is little risk of getting a clunker, so the pertinent question should be, “Just how *good* is The Last of Us?” Find out after the jump.

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We Review: Metro: Last Light

Kiev, Ukraine. A crew works towards their goal. They don’t have the best resources, but they make do. It’s cold.  their workspace is cramped. And the heating hasn’t been on for a while. But their creative fire won’t be snuffed out. If that sounds like an underdog story from a video game, you might be surprised to find it’s closer to fact than fiction.

Ukrainian developer 4A games toiled through delays, the bankruptcy of their publisher THQ, and some rather unfavourable development conditions  to bring their creation into the light, so to speak. Their triumph, Metro: Last Light, is the sequel to their previous effort, Metro 2033, an FPS set in the claustrophobic metro systems of a future, post-apocalyptic Moscow. PS3 gamers were kept in the dark, as Metro 2033 was released only on the Xbox 360 and PC, but get to enter the metro for the very first time. Is the trip worth it, or should Metro: Last Light be shunned to a dark corner? My review continues after the jump.

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We Review: Beat Hazard Ultra (PSN)

Top-down shooters…who DOESN’T love them? Much in the same way that ghosts and pellets are the main dietary source for yellow blobs that only know one sound effect, shoot-’em-up games have been a staple of video gamers since before video gamers were called that. This particular genre been somewhat in decline in recent years, and I’ve become thoroughly sick of Geometry Wars and Super Stardust HD. So it was with pure pleasure and frisson that I picked up Beat Hazard Ultra. Find out just how much of a blast it is, after the hyperspace jump.

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We Review: Bodycount

In 2006, Xbox and PS2 owners were wowed by the explosion-fest that was “Black”. That first person shooter was the original “gun porn” title, and although no one in the marketing departments of Codemasters or Guilford Studios officially labeled it, their latest FPS, Bodycount, was thought by many to be the “spiritual successor” to Black. If you are one of those people, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Not only does Bodycount fail to re-ignite the dormant feelings left over from Black, but as a current-gen shooter, it’s terribly mundane. Read on to find out what caused such a misfire.

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We Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The final movie for the Harry Potter franchise is out, and as happens with big movie events, a companion game, by EA, invites us to share the…magic. Is the Harry Potter swan song game a magic carpet ride, or is it a spell of certain doom? Join me on my broomstick and find out after the jump. Apparate!

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Decode This!

So I got an email this morning which I was about to dismiss as spam, but it turns out to be much more mysterious. The unit over at Megarom receive an encoded message from an unknown source, and because their top crypto guy pulled a sickie, they need help in decoding the bloody thing.

--/ Transmission Begin /--

Isop ubje ttmieps, vytpasjkuc hqqucggeoe tf klug pijfwgv rerre hkek lku’ij rvepm isi gde ejxk wfss. Fv fqrv yo jizr bsle jadj aeh ocqxrpp iekoiqmhlse gdrfzgy xa oqhirs@mvlaisy.qr.dr. Ja wzql si dsymvjenx dolv rwoi raz yfz mrc ns vicrytvi ffv m gsitvwl dnsjmab rr 11.10.09 sr ouij yfy mfh vvnzy.

--/ Transmission End /--

It seems the only clue available to decode the message is this: Freedman Arrow. All attempts to decode the message ( thus far have drawn a blank. Can you decode it? If so you could stand a chance of doing something on some day at a certain place and specific time. Yes, we’re being quite vague here, but that’s how we’re rolling today ;-)

However, thanks to another unknown source who sends us messages in the clear, we do know that Vladimir Makarov is recruiting five more mercenaries for his cause, and will be putting them through their paces on 11.10.09 so we can only assume that these five soldiers will have to be located in the Johannesburg vicinity, or be able to get to Johannesburg.

That is all, get decoding soldier!

Awesomeness Flash Games

Divide and Conquer With Split ’em up

Split ’em up is a fun, unique retro shooter that pits you against an aggressive alien horde. Wipe out all of the invaders with minimum damage to your shields!

How to play

Left/Right = Move laser cannons around the perimeter

Up/Down = Toggle between modes: red cannons are linked together, blue cannons will travel independently of one another

Space bar= Fire!

Play the game at Let’s Design. (Game removed from post due to noise pollution – thanks tipster Tim!)