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Go Right: A Moving Tribute to 2D Platform Games

In this wonderful montage, YouTuber user RockyPlanetesimal captured footage from a slew of 2D side-scrolling platform games from past and present. Accompanied by “A Wild and Distant Shore” by Michael Nyman, Go Right pays homage to that old video gaming trope, when all else fails, go right.

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Play This: Revenge of the Zombees

I don’t like bees. I’ve been stung on the nose and on the foot (not at the same time), so I keep a healthy distance for the bastards. They’re capable of ruining a perfectly leisurely picnic (the nose incident) or a walk on the beach (the foot fiasco). Thank goodness I haven’t met the killer variety.

The devastation that bees cause is clearly seen in Revenge of the Zombees. In this side-scrolling game from Adult Swim, it seems that a top secret zom-biological research facility has been conducting experiments on bees, and the tyrannous little buggers have escaped. You control this swarm of badly bee-haved insects as they go on a rampage, devouring people and cows, flattening buildings, and swatting superheroes and military choppers out of the sky.

The game warns of explicit 80s-themed gore and heavy metal violence, and takes place in four distinct settings. Hearing the sounds of the alarmed cows as they are engulfed by ravenous bees is half the fun. Play Revenge of the Zombees at Adultswim.

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Flash Games

Play This: Give Up Robot 2

WAKE UP ROBOT!!!! It is time to DAAAANNCEEeeee (again). Give Up Robot 2 is being touted as possibly the best freeware flash game of 2010. In this 8-bit styled puzzle platformer from Adult Swim, you play as a robot who must jump and swing through a series of chambers filled with all manner of colourful things that could kill you. The trippy, epilepsy-inducing visuals are backed by equally stellar music, and some funny commentary along the way.

IndieGames loves it, Bacon and Games thinks it doesn’t suck, and Gamasutra put it on top spot of their best indie games list of 2010. Prove them right (or wrong), check out the 50 brain-melting levels from the original game and then play #2 at Adultswim.

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Play This: One Chance

In the world of video games, we don’t normally have to worry about messing up. No biggie, we just simply restart the chapter or go to the autosaved checkpoint and try again. Indie developer, Awkward Silence Games, has crafted a deeply moving flash game with a twist – the restart mechanic does not work.

In the cautionary tale that is “One Chance”, you play the role of scientist John Pilgrim and your team has finally found a cure for cancer. The celebration is short-lived as the cure turns deadly and starts killing every organism on Earth. There are six days left to live and you must decide how to spend those days. Once the game is over, there is no replay feature, hence the title. You’re stuck with the decisions you have made.

You have one chance. Play it and let us know what happened.

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Play This: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

When I was growing up all the cool kids had a Sega Mega Drive. I had a pithy Sega Master System. I never had a NES or an SNES and had to listen to my friends regaling their stories of derring-do in the Mushroom Kindgom. Bastards.

Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo’s most popular games seeing over 40 million copies sold since its release on the NES in 1985. That makes it the second-most best-selling video game in the world (Wii Sports hold top spot). It’s been re-released a number of times and spawned quite a few sequels. You can even play it from the comfort of your web browser, and this brings us to a Jay Pavlina’s tribute to the classic side-scroller.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game that recreates the original 8-bit world of the Mushroom kingdom, but adds a whole new level of fun by letting you play as other Nintendo characters. Currently you can choose between Mario, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Bill R., Link, and my favourite the bad-ass ninja Ryu Hayabusa. How awesome it that? But wait there’s more – each character plays as they would do in their own game, so Bill can shoot Goombas in the face and Ryu can climb walls and throw deadly shurikens.

Don’t delay, play Super Mario Bros. Crossover now!

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Flash Games Mindlessness

Play This: Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre

The mist has descended around our offices, it’s all eerie and shit, a perfect time for an 8-bit zombie apocalypse. Illustrator Manning Krull pays homage to 8-bit games from back in the day with Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre. In this action side-scrolling platformer a siege of undead lie between French rock band Toxic Sonic and their gig. You’ll need get the trio there before time runs out.

It’s Friday so let loose, bust heads, and glug beer mindlessly in Toxic Sonic Zombie Massacre.

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Flash Games

Play This: Portal Defenders

As any person with pets will tell you, you never really own cats. It’s really the other way around, and deep down you know it too. They hog all the space in the bed, rip you to shreds when you try feed them medicine, and merrily take their shits in your manicured garden. If cats has opposable thumbs, we’d be in for a world of discomfort – fur balls would be deposited in our shoes and cat-sick would rain from above.

If you live in an abusive relationship with your cat, you might like Portal Defenders. It’s a side-scroller that has you running about beating up baddies, some of which happen to be felines.

Play Portal Defenders at Kongregate.

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