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Whippets are Awesome!

If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you may have seen photos of our toy fox terrier Mina and our zany whippet, Panya. Aside from another local, Mallix, who has one and a few other people we have encountered on the mountain and the beach, the whippet doesn’t seem to be that popular a breed in Cape Town. On a number of occasions, after Panya has jumped all over the people she meets, we’re asked if she is a Greyhound (bigger) or an Italian Greyhound (smaller).

Despite their sleek look it’s a fallacy that they need to be exercised constantly and rigorously. Whippets often spend the majority of the day sleeping, so much so that they even have a particular napping position, called the cockroach (example). Be it dozing on the couch, sporting a fancy hat, or careering off into the distance, a whippet is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. See a small collection of these lovable dogs after the jump.