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“Grinding the Crack” with Jeb Corliss

It’s probably not the best of titles considering what most people associate the term with, but skydiver Jeb Corliss is certainly good at grinding said cracks. Except in Cape Town, where Table Mountain cracked both his ankles, three toes, and a fibula.

Set to AWOLNATION’s ubiquitous single, Grinding the Crack shows Corliss leaping off a cliff in picturesque Walensee, Switzerland. In his wingsuit Corliss sweeps through the valleys and whizzes dangerously close to the ground. His top speed was clocked at an amazing 196 km/h! Take a look at the exhilarating video below.

[via TBR]

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Experience Freedom

From the creators of cinematic sports experiences, Infinity List, comes Experience Freedom. It shows a bunch of skydivers and base jumpers doing what they love in scenic locales around the world. All we can do is watch in amazement and/or jealousy.

[via Coolism TV]

Cautionary Tales Movies Video Clips

Operation White Widow

In this animated short film by Jacek Mazur, a team of soldiers aboard an aircraft prepare to launch an assault on an enemy encampment. As they jump from the plane, they’re met by a barrage of anti-aircraft fire from the ground. The soldiers skillfully and silently dance their way around the bullets as they descend to their target. But all is not what it seems…

Have a look at Operation White Widow below.

[via ufunk]