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Stunning “Finding Oregon” Time-Lapse

A day without a time-lapse video is not a day worth living. Perhaps that is a bit excessive but the amazing scenes from Finding Oregon really do take one’s breath away.

Created by Uncage the Soul Productions, Finding Oregon is a four-minute compilation of the time-lapse videos shot by the four-person team as they road-tripped across the picturesque state of Oregon, in the United States. Oregon is home to rain forests, barren deserts, and snow-capped mountains, and their beauty is captured in the video along with some wonderful star trails.

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World in Motion: A Skyrim Time-Lapse

We’ve seen our fair share of time-lapse videos here at Onelargeprawn. We’ve been treated to the amazing vistas from the American southwest, bright city lights, majestic night sky panoramas, and even views of our world as seen from space.

The time-lapse video featured today has all wonderful shots that we’ve become accustomed to, but it is not of this earth. It is in fact set in the northern realms of Tamriel, a fictitious continent created by Bethesda Game Studios for the critically acclaimed action-RPG title, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And in their latest epic video, Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry takes a scenic trip through the snowy tundras, pine forests, and jagged mountains of Skyrim. There is even an aurora to be experienced along the way. Have a look at Skyrim: World in Motion below.

You can watch the video in high definition at Eurogamer.

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Snow Motion: Dachshund Puppy Plays In The Snow

OMG, this is adorable. Meet Iso, the Dachshund puppy who likes nothing better than a roll around in the snow. It’s such a cute video shot in slow motion to the tune “Endless Song of Happiness” by singer-songwriter Yael Naim.

There is more slo-mo Iso goodness after the jump, where he plays fetch and takes a bath.

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