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Pure Football Competition: We Have a Winner!

Uruguay played France in the second match of the 2010 soccer world cup and resulted in another draw, this time with no goals being scored at all, and an altogether forgettable match. This result does brings our Pure Football competition to an end. You may have seen our “half-time” stats and noticed that a small percentage of entrants (three to be exact) made it from the previous round having correctly predicted the outcome of the South Africa versus Mexico clash. From those three entrants, only one person guessed game #2 would end in a draw , so congratulations go to:

Jarred “Crystal Ball” Milner

====<() PAAAAARP!!! Congratulations Jarred, you’ve scored a copy of Pure Football for Playstation 3! Hard luck to the other entrants, but we do have one more copy of the game to give away so check back next week for another competition.

A big shout out to Ubisoft for organizing the competition prizes.

Competitions Site Announcements

Pure Football Competition: Half-Time Results!

The first game of the 2010 soccer world cup has ended and that marks the half-way point in our latest competition. You might recall that we’re giving away two copies of Ubisoft’s Pure Football and to stand a chance of winning a copy, we asked you to predict the outcome of both opening games today. With South Africa having drawn the match against Mexico, it means neither team came out victorious and that spells bad news for our competition entrants who predicted a win from either side. Here are some of our half-time stats in case you’re interested:

  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a South Africa win: 67%
  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a Mexico win: 25%
  • Percentage of entrants who predicted a draw: 8%
  • Percentage of Playstation 3 entrants: 64%
  • Percentage of Xbox 360 entrants: 36%

Congratulations to the handful of entrants who have made it into the second round of our competition. If you have predicted the correct outcome of the next game ,Uruguay versus France, you will gain entry into the final round, and with that a chance of winning Pure Football. Good luck!

Competitions Site Announcements

Win Copies of Pure Football!

NOTE: Entry into this competition is now closed. We’ll announce the winners soon, I promise.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is two days away and the united blare from Vuvuzelas all around South Africa is helping to ramp up the excitement levels. Our friends at Ubisoft are excited too, not only about the month-long spectacle awaiting us, but also their first foray into the core soccer genre, Pure Football. English captain Steven Gerrard graces the cover of this five-a-side arcade simulation that emphasizes aggression and physicality that perhaps might not be allowed in normal games of footy.

We’ve got two copies of Pure Football and don’t know what to do with them. You could take one of them off our hands by simply predicting the outcome of the two World Cup games that will be happening this Friday, South Africa vs Mexico and Uruguay vs France. Make your predictions, send us your entry, and wait for us to give you some good news. Dead simple right? Find the full details after the jump.

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Smashing Soccer World Cup Murals

Pssst. Here’s how not to win at quiz night – have me in your team AND let me answer all the sports questions. For example, if you were to ask me in what year did Paraguay win the soccer world cup, I wouldn’t know that was a trick question. Given that the world cup is a little more than a week away, I had best brush up on my soccer trivia.

For the first time in its history, the FIFA World Cup will be played on African soil, and to celebrate this spectacle, ESPN has teamed up with American ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and local illustrators at Am I Collective to create a set of colourful murals for each of the 32 teams that will be participating. The artwork is done in a style similar to the art found on our streets and hand-painted movie posters one sees around West Africa. Each mural tells of the culture and soccer history the nation and is quite well done, although I wonder how the Australians will take to their team being represented by a manimal who looks dead keen to box the corner flag. In any case, have a look at these murals after the jump.

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Breathtaking Footage of the Cape Town Stadium

Time really has flown by, the 2010 Soccer World Cup is just two weeks away. Within 33 months, the brand new 68 000-seater Cape Town Stadium was erected. Made out of 93 000 cubic metres of concrete, some 9 000 glass panels, and the sweat of 2500 workers, the stadium is quite the spectacle. The bill for this massive project was a an equally whopping R4,4-billion.

African Renaissance, a local film production company has put together fantastic time-lapse footage that not only shows the beauty of the stadium but of the surroundings of Cape Town itself. Check it out below.

More facts about the stadium can be found at Cape Town Travel. Incidentally did you see the GIANT VUVUZELA mounted on the unfinished section of highway in town?

[via Wezzo | 10and5]

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Super Cool Soccer Ads

I can’t say I’m a big fan of soccer. I remember having to play it during the physical ed classes in school. I use the word “play” loosely – I mainly sat on the bench and occasionally stepped out onto the pitch to kick a ball that wandered into my vicinity. If there ever was a position for what I did, it would be “left right out”.

With less than three weeks to go before the start of the 2010 soccer world cup here in South Africa, I found this great commercial to get me into the mood for footy. It’s packed with football royalty with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Patrice Evra, Wayne Rooney, and a certain donut-eating, beer-drinking cartoon character. Check out Nike: Write The Future below.

Coming up after the jump, another Nike ad directed by the very cool Guy Ritchie and Powerade’s never-ending game.