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ANC vs ID catfight

It’s a jungle out there peeps! Yesterday Prawn posted a hilarious sound bite thingy that compared the South African Presidential race to a horse race. Well this morning I saw something almost as funny on Apparently an ANC official from Warmsand, which lies somewhere between the middle of nowhere and the back of beyond, savaged the ear of an ID supporter. Both the ANC official and the ID supporter are women. The election violence has started and it’s with a political catfight! Oh yes Oh yay South African politics are just brilliant this year – they’re a laugh a minute.

You can read the whole story here.


T-shirt love

Yes yes people I got my JuJu t-shirt in the post today, and it is AWESOME! I intend to wear it as often as is hygenically possible – especially on election day.

You can order yours at the equally awesome Hayibo.

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No Love For The ANC

Spotted on the streets of Cape Town, and ANC election poster gets the subversive treatment. We’re pretty UPSET about this – upset that we didn’t think of it first!