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Horseplay, Gangnam Style!

South Korean rapper Psy (real name: Park Jae-Sang) is a viral sensation. The music video to his song Gangnam Style about a yokel who tries to impress a lady by pretending to be a dapper man-about-town has been viewed over 90 million times on YouTube.

The infectious charm comes from his comical equestrian-inspired dance move, which has been aptly titled “the horse-riding dance”. If you’re yet to experience it and are in need of a feel-good song, check out Gangnam Style below.

[via @thejessness]


“Nobody” by the Wonder Girls

My day just got off to a cheery start. I’ve never heard of them before but the Wonder Girls are a very popular a South Korean girl group. Since their debut in 2007, they’ve scored 3 consecutive #1 hit singles and Nobody is their latest release.

It’s a catchy tune and worth a listen. With choice being one of our top priorities here at Onelargeprawn I give you two videos:

1. Watch a uniformed Korean man and two friends dancing to the song. The guy in the background remains asleep the whole time.

2. Watch the five ladies from the Wonder Girls doing their thing. They are hot. That is all.

[Thanks Lucy!]